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» 19touch

Rating: 4/5
Summary: popular student game

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5, .Net CF 2.0, may use your internet connection

Arrived: Jul 9, 2010
Found under: april32, game, puzzle, numbers, touch

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» 19touch Description
The goal is to remove all fields from the game board. Fields can be removed only in pair. Remove fields with the same numbers of if the numbers add up to 10. But only if they are "touching" each other either vertically or horizonally. An arbitrary number of dashes (cleared fields) may lie between them. Also keep in mind that the lines are continuous, meaning that they are automatically line-breaking. When there is no moves left, computer will add all left numbers on the board. If there are some problems just use hint :)
The game can be completed in different ways.

+ added fullscreen mode (touch logo)
* fixed game rules description (thanks to friederbluemle)

the 19touch free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Tue-22-Mar at 6:44 am
Kawari wrote...
it's true that once u know the trick magic is less fun.. (my record 39 sec, 34 moves) I'm not sure about the random, it's hard to have a proof that it will end.. I can't find an easy way to show that a solution exists to such a pbm instead of finding it.. any ideas? (if u want random grid, u'll need an computable proof, at least on a home computer)
Thu-9-Sep at 6:33 pm
Bethany Peters wrote...
great game...beat my old score..completed it in 1 min...40 turns! :)
Wed-8-Sep at 11:17 pm
Bethany Peters wrote...
I love this far my fastest time is 4 minutes!
Sun-29-Aug at 5:51 pm
velislav georgiev wrote...
If someone know game like this for computer pls mail me
Mon-16-Aug at 6:29 pm
Poppor wrote...
btw, it took a while for me to figure out that the initial board are the numbers 1 to 19 (no 10), with the 2-digit numbers taking up two spaces. When you run out of moves, the numbers you have left are added in again (thus, you will never see another '9' once you get rid of the first two).
Mon-16-Aug at 6:26 pm
Poppor wrote...
Very fun. I agree that having a random option would be nice, too. Very well done, though.
Fri-6-Aug at 11:56 am
neil parkin wrote...
very good game, but once you have found solution (34 turns) becomes obsolete. please add a random option to keep us hooked!
Sun-25-Jul at 12:43 pm
Stefan wrote...
58 sec / 34 turns
Sat-24-Jul at 1:28 pm
Wendy wrote...
Is it me or do there not seem to be any 6's and barely any 8's? I'd like this better if it didn't get so long....I made myself feel really, REALLY sick (like travel sickness) yesterday playing this for 2-3 hours solid trying to make inroads in it and it just got longer and longer - And longer......a shuffle button would be nice instead of adding so many new numbers. But, having said that, I can't complain...I couldn't make an application for a phone to save my life so thanks to all of you that can, and do! x
Wed-21-Jul at 7:24 am
Prashant Makadia wrote...
how to play. instructions are preety vague...

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