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» Alexju SMS Chat

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Alexju SMS Chat is a simple chat application, for Windows Mobile based devices, that allows you to communicate with people the easy way. Current version: 1.2

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Jun 22, 2009
Found under: sms, chat, message, communication, alexju, messaging

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» Alexju SMS Chat Description
Alexju SMS Chat is a simple chat application, for Windows Mobile based devices, that allows you to communicate with people the easy way. But that's not all! This SMS Chat allows you to send simple commands. With these commands you can control your buddy's Windows Mobile based Smartphone of Pocket PC.

- Chatting with your friends in ease
- Customizable chat-window
- Simple GUI
- Extra commands!
- Now with multi-threading! Much faster!

REQUIRE .NET Compact Framework 3.5

New in v1.2
- Re-worked: New GUI!
- Added: Save chat-log (to HTML)
- Added: Reset chat conversation
- Added: One extra command: Display a messagebox
- Added: Display statistics for current chat-session
- Added: HTML functions (like text formatting, text color, text size, add links...)
- Added: Auto-Responder
- Added: Landscape-mode support (and also all other resolutions! Note: it does not support 196DPI screens)
- Re-worked: Few other modifications (mostly in lay-out and functionality)
- Re-worked: Some minor tweaks in threading system
- Re-worked: Much bugs fixed (however there might be some left, but you wont get them most of the time)

the Alexju SMS Chat free for Pocket PC

Made by: Ioulian Alexeev

» Comments

Mon-26-Mar at 1:33 am
Mark Engelmann wrote...
Only white screen with a Checkbox... no work, true crap!
Fri-12-Mar at 6:46 am
bob shanks wrote...
blank chat screen imate8502-unable to use
Thu-18-Feb at 3:33 pm
przemek wrote...
this apps doesn't work on hrc diamond. or i don't know how start it :)
Thu-11-Feb at 3:37 am
yolanda traylor wrote...
i have htc imagio
Thu-11-Feb at 3:36 am
yolanda traylor wrote...
i installed this and it want open on my says it need a newer version
Wed-3-Feb at 9:21 pm
trevor david rudeen wrote...
very terible app didnt like it one bit. i would like an app that changes the hole interface and keyboard.
Tue-17-Nov at 6:37 am
Kent wrote...
HTC Diamond and it doesn't work, have .NET 3.5 as well, when I open the program the only option is popup on new message? What to do?
Sat-14-Nov at 9:10 pm
Jorge wrote...
Does not work on my HTC Touch Diamond. :-(
Fri-23-Oct at 2:06 am
Vegetarianwino wrote...
The Alexju SMS Chat worked on my Treo but would only place the text that I sent to the recipient on it's screen. It turns out that another Windows Mobile 5 .Net Compact software is needed. I tested this with my phone and now it works perfectly. The software is called and can be found at BeyondPod. Their url is:
Thu-22-Oct at 1:36 pm
Vegetarianwino wrote...
Alexju SMS Chat should work on all Windows Mobile Phones. I forgot to mention that if you don't know what your phone's processor is, you can to and enter your phone in the search field and look at your phone's specifications.

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