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» Aloaha SecureSMS

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Aloaha SecureSMS sends an receives RSA encrypted SMS

Windows Mobile 5.x, 6.x, .NET CF 3.5

Arrived: May 5, 2010
Found under: secure, encrypted, sms, rsa, pki, certificate, csp, aloaha

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» Aloaha SecureSMS Description
Much has been said about email security but hardly anything about SMS security. Considering the amount of sensitive SMS sent on a daily base that is pretty surprising. As the recent stories with manipulated phones (just Google it) have shown it is very possible to intercept SMS from other users. Many enterprises are aware that SMS have no better security than a plain postcard thus prohibiting the sending of sensitive information via SMS without encrypting them. With its second version of Aloaha SecureSMS Aloaha is now offering its secure SMS technology to a broader audience to increase the awareness to protect any communication against interception. The basic Version of AloahaSMS will be free of charge so that anybody will be able to send and receive encrypted SMS. For additional security Users will be able to purchase 2048 RSA Key Material from Aloaha. In the professional Version Users can use their own Key Material.

the Aloaha SecureSMS free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Mon-24-May at 10:18 am
lukhakim wrote...
Wed-19-May at 6:31 am
boyd wrote...
try this
Thu-13-May at 2:12 pm
Phil wrote...
Works on my HTC Touch Pro2 running Windows 6.5
Mon-10-May at 4:27 pm
Manni wrote...
@delicia: Do you have .NET CF 3.5 installed? It is required. Here it works on my touch pro II
Mon-10-May at 9:06 am
Aloaha Software wrote...
Like it very much!
Mon-10-May at 7:58 am
Aloaha Software wrote...
Default password/PIN is 123456
Mon-10-May at 3:53 am
ManuelG wrote...
Wow, how cool. Using it on my HTC and are pretty happy with it!
Mon-10-May at 3:52 am
Frank Schubert wrote...
For the keyboard please press Aa on rith right lower corner. Just found that. Default PIN is 123456
Mon-10-May at 1:01 am
delicia wrote...
does not work on htc touch pro II
Sun-9-May at 12:46 am
Kk2 wrote...
What's the old pin number pls? Can't change the password.

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