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» Antitheft SMS Alarm

Rating: 4/5
Summary: This simple program send SMS from thief phone number with IMSI and GPS-coordinates when SIM-card is changed.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003, 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5

Arrived: Oct 11, 2010
Found under: anti-theft, system, gps, imsi, security, sms

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» Antitheft SMS Alarm Description
1. Unpack archive
2. Copy atsa.exe to WindowsStartup (you can rename it for masking to shell.exe)
3. Run settings.exe
1. Set "Ok beep" for beep when SIM-card is recognized and set "Error beep" for beep when SIM-card is wrong
2. Set "IMSI SMS" if you want to receive SMS with IMSI code of thief's SIM
3. Set "GPS SMS" if you want to receive SMS with thief's GPS coordinates
4. Set "Write log" if you need logs. You can read it in this file: AntitheftSMSAlarm.log
5. Setup GPS. If you have WM5 or high API is recommended
6. Set "Valid GPS data only" if you want receive GPS coordinates only when GPS receiver check it as valid (recommended)
7. "Max attempts": maximum count of attempts. When this limit is exceeded, program will exit
8. Set "Track SMS sending" and program will take attempt into account if only even if one SMS will sent successfully (recommended, if it working correctly on your device)
9. Set "Send "No GPS-data" SMS" if you want receive SMS, when program cannot get GPS coordinates from GPS receiver (weak reception, for example)
10. Set "All attempts" and program will take attempt into account even through program cannot get GPS coordinates from GPS receiver
11. Set "SMS delay" in minutes: this is delay between SMS sending
12. Set "GPS while delay" and program will not switch GPS receiver between SMS sending attempts
13. "GPS timeout": max time for waiting GPS data from GPS receiver
14. Register SIM-cards - press this button:
15. Set under 5 phone numbers
16. Press "Save"

the Antitheft SMS Alarm free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sun-6-Feb at 8:06 am
Kagermeier wrote...
I have copied atsa.exe into the start up folder of Windows, but deleted the other files of this anti-theft program. Since I had reset and reinstalled Windows Mobile, the new system installation is locked. What could I do now? Will it be necessary to buy a new motherboard?
Fri-19-Nov at 5:38 pm
Makand Dugh wrote...
Something weird going on with this link - keeps pointing to a download to F-Secure!!
Fri-19-Nov at 4:40 pm
Makand Dugh wrote...
...previous comment relates to F-Secure mind!
Fri-19-Nov at 4:39 pm
Makand Dugh wrote...
Just wasted an hour finding a Windows version, downloading it, active synching and installing yada yada only to find that it's 8 day trial - not freeware.
Mon-11-Oct at 1:49 pm
QnA wrote...
Works well but has too many unecessary settings. Try F-Secure Anti-theft freeware which can lock, locate, wipe and send back thief's phone number via sms.

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