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» ArkSwitch

Rating: 4/5
Summary: ArkSwitch is a new themable Windows Mobile 6.5.x task manager

This application is designed for WM6.5.3. Although you could enable WM6.5 compatibility mode, it just wouldn't be the same without top bar integration.
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Sep 5, 2010
Found under: utilties, task managers, wm65

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» ArkSwitch Description
Designed for WM 6.5.3

There are many task managers floating around out there, with lots of neat features and great UIs. I've been looking for a good replacement for the HTC Task Manager home screen button that no longer works properly in Windows Mobile 6.5.x, and I've been unable to find one I really like. So I made my own!

To use ArkSwitch, simply click the left half of the top bar. The right half still has the normal WM6.5.x icon enlargement functionality. ArkSwitch can be opened from any screen that has the top bar visible. You can click the text or the icon of the app to bring it to the foreground, or click the red "X" to close it.

Some features include :

* finger friendly interface
* theming * close all open tasks
* add exclusions for selected apps

ArkSwitch Screenshots

ArkSwitch is a new windows mobile 6.5 task manager ArkSwitch is a new windows mobile 6.5 task manager

the ArkSwitch free for Pocket PC

Made by: Arktronic

» Comments

Thu-9-Sep at 1:55 pm
Martinakos wrote...
absolutly must-have!
Thu-9-Sep at 12:50 am
Mikolaj wrote...
this app is for winmo 6.5.xk Just don't install AS on older winmo and winmo 6.5 with old builds. Great app, work nice.
Wed-8-Sep at 5:24 am
nathan seery wrote...
TIP: Iwanted to be able to continue to hit the Windows icon in the top left of the screen, so I simply adjusted the Activation Field from the menu so it didn't cover the Windows button. Job done.
Wed-8-Sep at 4:08 am
ben blackford wrote...
the task manager the comes on the hd2 is easily as good and quicker to respond. I wouldn't both.
Wed-8-Sep at 4:08 am
nathan seery wrote...
excellent simple app. I use SPB Home and this works perfectly with it. HTC TD2. is there a way to make the background black and the text white?
Tue-7-Sep at 9:54 am
marcel van os wrote...
great app, to oingo use options en make it compatibel with win 6.5 then your start button works again.
Tue-7-Sep at 8:04 am
Conway Tweety wrote...
Great little app! Works very well on 6.1. 5 stars!
Mon-6-Sep at 11:00 am
hitler wrote...
gay app
Sun-5-Sep at 5:26 pm
mamado wrote...
using it with energy rom on hd2 with no problems. it was baked in don't know if this makes a difference.
Sat-10-Jul at 10:14 am
oingo wrote...
it is great, except you can no longer acccess the start menu. can you make it exclude the start icon?

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