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» artn3rs mobile tv

Rating: 4/5
Summary: This is my first windows mobile application, it’s a player for online streaming content like movies or radio.

Windows Mobile Pocket 6 , 6.1, 6.5; .Net CF 3.5

Arrived: Jun 7, 2010
Found under: streaming, live, windows mobile, artn3r

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» artn3rs mobile tv Description

What is it?

This is my first windows mobile application, it’s a player for online
streaming content like movies or radio. I started this app because
everytime I wanted to view the tv news i had to open the opera
browser and navigate to the specific website. With this application,
only 3 taps are needed to watch your favourite tv or radio show!

How it works:

This application consists of 2 parts, the parser and the player. The parser runs as php
script on a webserver, it fetches the streaming websites and parses their xhtml code,
extracting all playable links. The result is transfered to the client which is on your windows
mobile device. Every streaming website needs a custom parser, but this is very simple
dom processing, it’s very easy to write your own parser.

I added two sample websites which are german (I am from Austria):

Tested on HTC HD2 and Xperia X1.




.) fixed the OutOfMemory – Exception when stream list is very large
.) added fullscreen playback

.) started the app, can browse and watch streams


.) Add a bunch of new parsers for new streaming content
.) Collect 149$ for buying a developer license of opennetcf’s media player control
.) Collect money to buy a license of the coreplayer embedded
.) Add flash video support (embed flash video player or coreplayer embedded)
.) Multithreading / background workers
.) Stream downloading for later playback
.) etc.


This is a very early release, it’s just for first testing
and getting an idea of what it should be somewhere
in the future:



If you like this work, please donate! I need money
because of the coreplayer embedded license.
Also, if you donate, you get access to my “nightly builds”
and unstable versions! The coreplayer embedded is
so much faster than the windows media player, and it
can play nearly all streaming formats.

Contact me!

Please contact me for any kind of feedback, i would
also like to hear about cool streaming pages to write
new parsers!



the artn3rs mobile tv free for Pocket PC

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