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» AudioRoute

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Route the audio from the earpiece to the backspeaker on your Windows Mobile phone

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
Found under: audio, speaker, earpiece, route

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» AudioRoute Description

This tool that can be used to route the audio from the earpiece speaker to the backspeaker and vice versa.

A good addon for VoIP utilities.

AudioRoute Features:

- Routes the audio output to earpiece of backspeaker
- VoIP compatible
- Easy to use User Interface
- Command line support
- Uses Teksofts DynRIL library

Usage Install the CAB and use the titlebar icon to open the user interface.

Route the audio from the earpiece to the backspeaker on your Windows Mobile phone

The first icon routes the audio to the earpiece speaker.
The second blue icon, can be used to route the audio to the backspeaker.
The orange icon, routes the audio to the speakerphone, while in a phone call.
You can also use the bottom slider to move the taskbar icon, or the about button to show this page.
The top-right square hides the user interface.

Command line

This tool can be executed by command line with parameters.
You can execute /program files/teksoft/audioRoute/audioRoute.exe with the following:

-earpiece , routes the audio to the earpiece
-backspeaker , routes the audio to the backspeaker
-speakerphone , while in a phone call, activates the speakerphone
-switch , toggles between earpiece and backspeaker

Video Preview of AudioRoute

the AudioRoute free for Pocket PC

Made by: Teksoft

» Comments

Sat-20-Aug at 7:12 pm
asim wrote...
Aowoowoowoowoowo and thanks for the nice program
Thu-28-Jul at 2:14 pm
pavixx wrote...
seems not working on Acer NewTouch
Thu-1-Jul at 6:14 pm
default wrote...
works like a charm on x1, wm6.5, thx!
Sat-8-Aug at 2:11 am
yousuf wrote...
hi hello h r u
Thu-16-Jul at 2:52 pm
Nina wrote...
Got the updated version. It did not work for me. I would get sound through the earpiece for about three seconds before it quit.
Sat-18-Apr at 11:05 pm
dominicc wrote...
it didn't work on samsung i780 wm6.1 firmware
Wed-25-Mar at 1:04 pm
Niksовдив wrote...
Get new AudioRoute 1.2.020 from Teksoft website shame earpiece-routing... $$ ? stolen internet Тука съм качил Troca2.EXE Но тя само прехварля гласа на отсрещния абонат от говорителя на слушалката. Ако нищо не чуваш на говорителя и на слушалката нищо няма да излеза. След разговора е добре да се изключи за да чуваш званенето от говорителя ако някой те търси.
Wed-25-Mar at 12:08 pm
alen wrote...
v1.2.020 Please UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!! It works on most new mobiles..... including dopod p8000W (p3300) like a charm just check the teksoft website!
Wed-25-Mar at 12:00 pm
metal wrote...
It doesn't work for my HTC TyTN either. However the one at works. Thanks wmdev27
Tue-24-Mar at 12:46 pm
Grigore wrote...
sweet, thanks for sharing. a must have for any ppc

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