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» AutoA2DP - The smallest A2DP Toggle application

Rating: 2/5
Summary: I found that when we connect a paired Bluetooth Headset with WM it will set as Handsfree by default,but not A2DP Wireless Stereo,we have to set it manually,that is a little annoying work,so I write this small application to do this.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Jul 15, 2009
Found under: a2dp, bluetooth, toggle

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» AutoA2DP - The smallest A2DP Toggle application Description
-WM5/WM6 Supported.
-No TSR(terminate-and-stay-resident),no Background running process
-Developed in C,fast execute speed and small file size(5KB with signature) Learn About "AutoA2DP.ini"
AutoA2DP.ini is a text file which used to point out an application that AutoA2DP will launch after A2DP Mode toggled.
This file must local in Windows folder,it is an one-line text,for example: wmplayer.exe
Means that AutoA2DP will launch wmplayer.exe after BTH Headset paired.
You can edit this line with other application,for example,to launch TCPMP,you can replace words with this line:
If you want launch nothing,you can delete AutoA2DP.ini

1.Copy AutoA2DP.exe to Windows folder
2.If you want it launch application automaticlly,edit text file "AutoA2DP.ini" to write your application file name(e.g,wmplayer.exe) and copy it to Windows folder.
3.Run it,or run install.lnk instead,it will install in silent,NO MSG SHOW,after that you will find [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemNotificationsAutoA2DP_by_xiaojin1985] entry in Registry.


Open a paired Bluetooth Headset in range,it will toggle to A2DP mode automaticlly,you can see that musical icon appear in Titlebar.


Run AutoA2DP.exe with parameter "-u"(AutoA2DP.exe -u),or run uninstall.lnk instead.

the AutoA2DP - The smallest A2DP Toggle application free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sat-17-Jul at 5:29 am
mei an wrote...
doesn't work on Omnia i900.
Fri-31-Jul at 3:02 pm
R.L.Nightwolf wrote...
nice idea but doesn't work on a htc 8910
Fri-24-Jul at 11:21 am
Ashfaq wrote...
hope it works as whatever i've tried so far didn't.
Fri-17-Jul at 2:22 pm
irish wrote...
i like the transparent theme... mind sharing..?? =)
Thu-16-Jul at 10:41 am
JohnnyPDX wrote...
Works on my HTC Touch Pro. A couple of fixes/feature requests. A2DP does not start automatically until you've set it up manually first after installation, This has to be done only once; however, it does not allow for multiple headsets. I have two and I have to manually set each one up for A2DP every time I switch. And last but not least, if AutoA2DP.ini is deleted, it should stop asking if I want to run an application.
Thu-16-Jul at 3:26 am
axis wrote...
MDA compact IV Install.lnk is not running. because there is no certifikat of the autoa2dp.exe.

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