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» Automatic Rotation Configurator for Omnia II

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Enables you to select applications to rotate automatically as you hold the device. No need to install, runs directly, as a single small utility.

Arrived: Nov 28, 2010
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» Automatic Rotation Configurator for Omnia II Description
This utility allows you to set applications and windows to be rotated automatically as you hold your device in different vertical orientations, either landscape or portrait. It is useful to work with the web browser (e.g.: Internet Explorer) in landscape mode, unfortunately, many of the applications doesn't come with this feature enabled. This utility utilizes your device's built in support for rotating application screen appearance with an easy to use and intuitive interface, so you can select which application you need automatically to interact with vertical orientation. This eliminates you to press any hotkey, because applications rotate automatically, without pressing any hardware key. Also, this is not a memory resident utility, therefore, it will never consume any memory space on your device. The best part is, you need to use this utility once and for all, no startup is necessary, once you configure your application list through this utlity, it will work forever, no need to start this utility over and over everytime your device starts up. Until this moment, this utility is a FREEWARE and you can distribute it without any limitation, but never for any financial benefit.

1. Add window titles of applications you want to be rotated automatically with device orientation. You cannot add a window title that is already added to the list.

2. Edit a window title to change the title. You cannot change the title to a title that is already in the list.

3. Uncheck a window title in order to temporarily suspend the window from utilizing the automatic rotation feature.

4. Check a window title to enable it to use the automatic rotation feature of the device.

5. This utility can only work with devices with built in motion sensor with built in support for automatic rotation (e.g.: Samsung Omnia II).

the Automatic Rotation Configurator for Omnia II free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sat-4-Dec at 12:27 pm
Broken Arrow wrote...
Please RECOMMENT/LIKE this if you find it useful.
Sat-4-Dec at 7:46 am
htm73 wrote...
Sat-4-Dec at 7:36 am
htm73 wrote...
Fri-3-Dec at 1:57 pm
Broken Arrow wrote...
No, this EXE will run directly on your PPC. Copy it to your PPC somewhere and tap it to run it.
Fri-3-Dec at 8:54 am
htm73 wrote...
as it is in .exe format so it needs setup on my pc first then downloading it to my omnia by cable
Thu-2-Dec at 11:48 am
Broken Arrow wrote...
@htm73: What do you mean by fixing on your personal computer?
Thu-2-Dec at 10:40 am
htm73 wrote...
Does it need to be fixed on my my personal computer first ?????

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