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» BikeDashboard

Rating: 5/5
Summary: Bike training assistance application for windows mobile phones

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
Compact Framework 3.5
QVGA / VGA supported

Arrived: May 4, 2009
Found under: GPS, Tracking, bike, dashboard, assistance, sport, monitor, tracks, sport

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» BikeDashboard Description

This application provides training assistance (through graphs and stats) + navigation help (with moving maps and GPX file import & export) for mountainbike and roadbike enthusiasts.

BikeDashboard Features:

* Keep a track of their achievements:
o Where they have been.
o How long.
o How fast.
o How high
* Have a navigation help using GPX file to discover new tracks (you can download some from various web sites including excellent ones as or or else
* Export their data to Google Maps / Google Earth or other mapping softwares.
* Monitor in real time and afterwards the evolution of their performances.
* Have a moving map software that can work with any raster map (calibration software provided to make your own map with any .
* Have instant data (current/average/max speed), current/climb/descent altitude.

This application comes with its Windows Desktop to companion to analyze and store your performances, calibrate your raster maps and manage your files library.


Map Screen

Bike training assistance application for windows mobile phones

The map screen draws your route. You can plot it over a predefined background. If you don't specify any it will show on a blank background.

You can also display a planned route to make sure you follow it. This is especially convenient when you explore new routes using a downloaded GPX file.

Main Dash

Bike training assistance application for windows mobile phones

The dash board displays:

* your current direction,
* your current speed (in red if it is the max speed, green if it is above your average, in black otherwise),
* max speed,
* average speed,
* current altitude,
* altitude difference with the point you started from,
* total climb,
* total descent,
* GPS reception,
* distance,
* time (current and travel time).

You can reset cumulative data at any time pressing the reset button.

Graph screen

Bike training assistance application for windows mobile phones

The graph screen displays recorded speed and altitude on auto refreshing graph. You can also use them do display recorded performances.

05/05 - v0.951 released
Bug fixes (VGA and WVGA resolution now fully supported)

02/05 - v0.95 released
o FatFingaz User Interface - Menus and dialog boxes have been reworked with a custom user interface that will deal with the fat fingers issue. Menu with large buttons are displayed instead of the standard bottom screen menu and small dialog boxes. The tabs have also been replaced with large pictures making the use of your PDA stylus unnecessary.
o Imperial units - The settings screen now lets you display all distance, speed and altitude related details using imperial units (mi, mph, ft).
o Heart Rate Monitor - Zephyr Technology HxM-HRM - Along GPS related details (speed, distance, altitude, direction), you can now display and record your heart rate. BikeDashboard has been interfaced with Zephyr Technology Bluetooth Heartrate monitors: HxM and HRM.
o Darker Style - I have started designing the screen for them to look a bit better. They now all have gray / black backgrounds... simply because it is more usable out in the field.
o Empty routes are no longer saved - With the new autosave feature introduced in 0.94, each time you started the application a new route was created and therefore saved, no matter if got any position. If you happened to start the application several time, you ended up with loads of such files. It will no longer happen as now nothing is saved until you get actual positions.
o Name your routes - You can now give a name to your routes instead of the default one (yyyyMMdd HHmm.gpx).

To get all details about previous release go to 28/04 - v0.94 released
22/04 - v0.93 released

the BikeDashboard free for Pocket PC

Made by: Mathieu Gardere

» Comments

Wed-15-Sep at 11:39 am
belal wrote...
in my sony ericson X1 every thing sucks..
Tue-27-Jul at 10:24 am
whynot wrote...
on the display is shown the "bpm", beats per minute ?! is the heartrate included ? how does it get the values ?!
Sun-2-May at 2:27 pm
fauxx wrote...
if you ride a bike you look at expensive crap to bolt glue strap nail whatever forget it get this program you can do heat monitor to its genius
Fri-26-Jun at 7:06 am
bob wrote...
looks like great program but it wont conect to a bluetooth gps on my htc mda with windows mobile 6.5
Wed-13-May at 7:58 pm
christo wrote...
Good program, but the display needs work. I run a Palm Treo Pro, 320x320 resolution and not all of the menus fit on the screen, but there is no ability to scroll down to see what doesn't fit. Should be optimised to include scroll bars for square screens.
Tue-5-May at 4:13 am
Mathieu Gardere wrote...
@Faouzi: il semblerait que tu aies installé une version beta du compact framework 3.5 => il faut la désinstaller et réinstaller la version finale (envoie moi un mail si ça ne marche toujours pas). @maurice: make sure you have installed Compact Framework 3.5 If it still does not work (and even if it does) you can check a very nice application quite similar to this one and better under certain aspects (more configuration options, for instance). You will find it on this web site, it is called GPS Cycle Computer
Sun-3-May at 12:05 pm
faouzi wrote...
l'application ne veut pas démarrer sur htc diamond. Message d'erreur: Impossible de charger le type 'System.Func' 2' à partir de l'assembly 'System.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=969DB8053D3322AC'. NB:C.F. 3.5 installé Je me sens frustré! l'application semble belle.
Sun-3-May at 12:47 am
maurice wrote...
cant get it to even open up on my samsung omnia do you have and ideas to get it to work or know of an app that works with the omnia for biking
Sat-2-May at 9:42 am
Hardy Z. wrote...
Wow!!! you are so fast... I have updated .net on my P527. It is working, greatly! I really love this one!
Tue-28-Apr at 3:59 am
hushus wrote...
No MR Faraz. You do not need any data plan. As long as your pda is having GPS that's it. It is really nice.

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