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» BikeTrack v0.81

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: This application enables everybody (who got your user/pass) look up your location on the net, using your the page and keeps track of you.

Windows Mobile

Arrived: May 7, 2008
Found under: gps, bike, tracking, navigation

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» BikeTrack v0.81 Description
This application enables everybody (who got your user/pass) look up your location on the net, using your the page and keeps track of you.

On the webpage you can also create a username so you can use the software.

What it does:

- Gets location from GPS.
- Sends it to BikeTrack Server.
- Website shows current location and current track (and old routes).
- Using "tripnames" in realtime and offline mode, so users can name their trips.
- Delete trips from server.
- Auto find GPS [in client] -just finished, please test.. does it work with BT-GPS?
- Offline mode, save trips for later uploading (for people without internet subscription).
- You can now also download your trips from to use in Google Earth.
- You can now see the distance of the (current) trip(s) on
- You can now also view earlier uploaded trips.
- Server now multi user capable.
- Client now uses login procedure.
- Webpages available for more than one user (register, login, etc).

Also very handy if you ride your bike a lot and you want to know were you've been!

the BikeTrack v0.81 free for Pocket PC

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» Comments

Mon-28-Sep at 10:42 pm
john wrote...
i think u should keep up the good work thank you very nice app but not for free with htc diamond need credit to run it
Tue-30-Jun at 10:12 am
bruno wrote...
Does it work for other countries? i live in Portugal... =D
Sat-7-Mar at 8:46 am
John S. wrote...
Does it work for phones with built-in GPS?
Sat-7-Mar at 7:57 am
matt wrote...
Do you need an internet connection running the entire time to use this or just gps?
Tue-6-Jan at 11:44 am
forsythe wrote...
this is great i really like it works well on my htc dimond a+
Wed-8-Oct at 7:02 pm
chaik wrote...
gps for nokia 5700
Wed-4-Jun at 3:05 am
awwtbone wrote...
Works great with my laptop. shows me right where I am and looks like it updates every 3-5 seconds.
Mon-26-May at 2:17 pm
Ian Douglas wrote...
Does not run on Samsung Blackjack 2 -- Mobile IE on WM6 will not directly download .exe files, and running it after downloading it via Opera Mobile also fails because it wasn't signed with a valid digital certificate. It runs on my XP laptop though... but expects a COM-port GPS device. The program should have an option to use a windows-driver device for built-in GPS units.
Sun-18-May at 10:48 am
kaifu wrote...
fuckin progrmae.this dnt wrk.i think dis is a virus heacker
Fri-16-May at 10:56 pm
kegster wrote...

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