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» Black Jack Flash

Rating: 3/5
Summary: Black Jack Flash- quick very simple app helps you memorize a Black Jack Strategy Card. It is not a Black Jack game, it is simply quizzes you how to play each hand. It has no playing card graphics--see screenshots.

VGA or standard screen. WM5 and 6.

Arrived: Jul 22, 2010
Found under: blackjack, training, cards, gambling, flashcards, games

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» Black Jack Flash Description
Black Jack Flash

Program Description
Black Jack Flash is a very simple little app designed to help you memorize a Black Jack Strategy Card (see the strategy card at the bottom of this page). No graphics, just to-the-point memorization. The strategy card I use is for a multiple deck shoe where the dealer must hit on 16. It is not a Black Jack game, it is a program that quizzes you on how to play your hand. Your goal should be to get 100% of your plays correct.

Memorizing a strategy card and playing every hand correctly every time is the first step in becoming a good blackjack player. Mastering the basics before risking any money in a casino can help you in the long run.

For more information on playing blackjack, how to read the strategy card, and various methods to help increase your odds of winning, search the internet for ‘black jack strategy.’

The strategy card I use in this application is of public domain. I downloaded it from a free site. I am relying on its accuracy and in no way can assure you that if you follow it that you will ever win at Black Jack. Use at your own risk. Please verify its accuracy and research blackjack strategy yourself before trusting this application. I have created this application for my own amusement and entertainment only, and am sharing it with the public.

Updates Vers 1.1 7/21/10 - Fixed VGA Screen Scale. It now works on VGA and Standard resolutions. System Requirements
-Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 or greater
-600k of free space

How to Play
Click “Deal” do simulate a dealer’s up card, and your cards.

Based on your card(s) and the dealer’s up card, click one of the buttons below the play button to indicate what your play is.

For help, click the SC button to bring up the strategy card. This is the card that you are attempting to memorize. Your goal should be to play every hand correctly according to this strategy card.

For more information and documentation:

the Black Jack Flash free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sun-27-May at 5:32 pm
nuno fernandes wrote...
parece ser muito bom
Fri-14-Oct at 7:52 am
Dame Freeman wrote...
Can somebody make an app for spades.... I would buy it to high on the market and its corny...
Sun-3-Apr at 8:16 pm
Matty wrote...
Lovely little aPp. Can't wait to see results in a real game after studying w/this for a bit.
Sat-21-Aug at 5:46 pm
sertel wrote...
htc hd2
Thu-19-Aug at 6:07 pm
sertel wrote...
Thu-12-Aug at 2:09 pm
Jim Parker wrote...
contradicts itself often, useless app
Wed-21-Jul at 2:58 pm
jop wrote...
we need angry birds for windows now!!!!
Wed-21-Jul at 11:48 am
Brian Jasmer wrote...
Release 1.1 has the VGA screen resolution fixed and is pending approval by this web host. The new version should be posted within 24 hours.
Wed-21-Jul at 9:43 am
Brian Jasmer wrote...
I need to fix the screen resolution for VGA screens. If you have a VGA screen the controls will appear very large. Look for a fix in the next update.
Wed-21-Jul at 9:31 am
Brian Jasmer wrote...
Hey guys don't expect much. I slapped this program together in a couple days just thought I'd share it with anyone interested. I agree with William Flores--it is lame but what the heck, its free. And its better than all those shopping list programs that are out there, anyway ha ha.

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