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» BluePower

Rating: 3/5
Summary: BluePower switches your bluetooth on when the phone is connected to the power adapter

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: May 30, 2010
Found under: Bluetooth, Communication

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» BluePower Description
BluePower is a program that switches your bluetooth on when the phone is connected to the power adapter. When it's disconnected, the bluetooth goes off. Of course, you can always switch your bluetooth on/off yourself.

How to install? Download the CAB file at the end of the page. After install, soft-reset your device. Bluetooth should switch on- and off when you plugin your power adapter. The program has no GUI, so don't bother looking for it ;-).

Discoverable by default !!

the BluePower free for Pocket PC

Made by: kixass

» Comments

Sat-18-Dec at 3:56 pm
Samuel wrote...
didnt work on lg gm750
Mon-18-Oct at 6:10 pm
Nav Ali wrote...
Can you fix it to work on HTC HD2.
Fri-2-Jul at 7:26 pm
Jonathan Hazlett wrote...
I love this! It does exactly what it says and it's just the program I was looking for.
Sat-12-Jun at 11:44 am
1iv54iv3 wrote...
devices such as the hd2 use widcomm, that's why the common bt-apps do not work guys ;-)
Tue-8-Jun at 1:13 pm wrote...
Why dont people stop and think why this app was brought out before they slag it off. This is a great app and just what i need for the car as thats the only time i need bluetooth and i'm sick of my battery being drained when im out of the car because i have left bluetooth on.
Thu-3-Jun at 3:40 pm
rishi shah wrote...
does not work on hd2
Wed-2-Jun at 3:18 am
stephan wrote...
stupid program
Tue-1-Jun at 10:00 pm
Tom T wrote...
Great idea, but does not work on Palm Treo Pro. What would be ideal for me is to have it turn off bluetooth for 15 minutes when I disconnect from power, and then turn bluetooth back on.
Tue-1-Jun at 3:45 pm
Jonathan wrote...
Works for me on diamond with WM6.5. Why have it turn on with power as some have asked? Well for me it will be great when i get into my car and plug it in, i usually forget to turn on Bluetooth since i only use it in my car and its a pain trying to do it if you are already driving with all the steps getting into settings. now i don't have to do a thing and just plug it in and have it work with my bluetooth in my car. thanks for this great little program.
Mon-31-May at 9:00 pm
Mesquire wrote...
not working on pro2. and why do we need to have bluetooth on when the phone is plugged in? would be nice to customize the state of bluetooth when plugged in and to restore to original state when unplugged

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