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» Bluetooth Manager

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Utility to programmatically control Bluetooth status.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Jul 8, 2008
Found under: bluetooth, manage, wireless, utilities

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» Bluetooth Manager Description
This application came about due to a reader's request. So be sure to submit your ideas for applications. I strongly favor working on user submitted ideas over my own.

I always like an application to have a little eye candy, and that explains the interactive Bluetooth logo at the top of the screen. It is in color when the Bluetooth is enabled, and grayscale when Bluetooth is off. Clicking the Bluetooth logo toggles the Bluetooth radio from on to off.

I added a multiline textbox so users could see a history of Bluetooth radio state changes. There are buttons to allow users to directly turn the Bluetooth radio on and off.

the Bluetooth Manager free for Pocket PC

Made by: Chris Craft

» Comments

Mon-7-Nov at 8:46 am
Cheryl Boje wrote...
Works great for Windows 6.1 on my HTC
Mon-7-Nov at 8:46 am
Cheryl Boje wrote...
Works great for Windows 6.1 on my HTC
Mon-27-Sep at 2:05 pm
azin wrote...
hi! turning the bt on comsumes a lot of battery. making a software to turn the bluetooth in when a call comes or goes and turning it off again will be usefull.
Tue-17-Aug at 9:05 pm
eun wrote...
I need a help please reply to the following address
Tue-27-Oct at 9:45 am
pRaLAy wrote...
in my I mate jama 101, when I send a file via bluetooth, it doesn't show that how many is shows and how many is remaining.
Sat-20-Jun at 3:53 am
max wrote...
it dont wurk on htc touch (with windows mobile 6.1)
Wed-21-Jan at 8:40 pm
lmc wrote...
this software works fine with HTC-touch running WM6.1 For the user needing .net go to your PC and download the version you need for to google and type in downloads). Make sure your HTC is sync up with your PC. Then you should be able to download this software. This software works great!
Wed-24-Dec at 11:59 am
BobB wrote...
I tried to install on WM6.1 but got an error running the software saying I needed a newer version of .net. I just upgraded to 6.1 on an HTC Touch (Sprint). Any ideas??
Thu-30-Oct at 10:45 pm
isabel wrote...
Thu-30-Oct at 10:43 pm
abe enguito wrote...

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