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» bongy

Rating: 3/5
Summary: Play as bongy, explore full world, collect 3 magic keys to unlock princess bongy who is trapped behind 3 magic barriers. Fun tough addictive gameplay for windows mobile wvga device.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6.1,6.5, tested on touchpro2 and Xperia 1X WVGA only not compatible with QVGA,VGA or TouchHD2

Arrived: Mar 3, 2010
Found under: arcade, action, adventure, games, fun, wvga games, touchpro2 games, fun, puzzle,

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» bongy Description
Play as Bongy , collect the 3 keys to unlock the 3 magic barriers that hold the princess. Avoid the deadly enemies while traveling around and explore the full world to find keys to unlock barriers. Fun game but tough have fun bongy style!!

the bongy free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sun-16-May at 11:29 pm
rman wrote...
HD2 compatible the author made a mistake
Fri-19-Mar at 6:27 pm
Daniel Michalke wrote...
Meckelstra├če 17 42285 Wuppertal
Fri-19-Mar at 6:27 pm
Daniel Michalke wrote...
Meckelstra├če 17 42285 Wuppertal
Tue-9-Mar at 3:59 pm
DingWad wrote...
pretty fun game. if you have touch pro2 DO NOT start game with phone slid open. your screen gets all jacked up. slide the phone closed first.
Mon-8-Mar at 8:28 pm
Ruito wrote...
My phone resolution is 400*240 but the requirement is 800*480. Is there a way to resize the game resolution?
Thu-4-Mar at 1:30 pm
69EXplayer wrote...
I like games that arent too easy , that give me a challenge. When I saw this I was skeptical , the graphics were too cutesy. But after I got my b%$# kick a couple of times, I learned to respect Bongy. Great game!!
Wed-3-Mar at 4:20 pm
Mike P wrote...
Why on earth is it not compatible with the HD2?
Wed-3-Mar at 2:51 pm
lashy wrote...
Cute game really fun
Wed-3-Mar at 7:01 am
Corr45 wrote...
It took me a few tries to get the hang of it. I like it , it fun .

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