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» BSB Tweaks

Rating: 5/5
Summary: BSB Tweaks allows you to have full control of some hidden functions, add rotation and pinch to zoom support,take screenshots, disable data connections...

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Jan 21, 2010
Found under: utilties, customization, bsb tweaks, settings, extra tools, tweaks, screenshots, data connections

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» BSB Tweaks Description
BSB Tweaks allows you to have full control of some hidden functions,add Rotation support to many applications (using HTC SensorSDK), add pinch to zoom support (Only HD2), take screenshots of the screen when the device is shaked, disable data connections and many many more! Note that some tweaks are only for the HD2 but the rest should work fine with any HTC.

the BSB Tweaks free for Pocket PC

Made by: MyLostBlog

» Comments

Thu-26-May at 4:20 pm
Philip wrote...
After installing it had a lot of booting issues, finally had to hard reset my device!
Thu-26-May at 4:09 pm
Philip wrote...
Wowooo!For all you TMobile HTC HD2 users under any circumstance do not download this app. If you do you will for sure regret it.
Sun-13-Mar at 5:36 am
Alberto wrote...
..perfetto su HD2!
Fri-11-Mar at 5:31 pm
Paul Hewson wrote...
terrible tweak. just rearranges the menu system and if u hate it like i did then the only way to remove us a factory reset. don't install this or you'll be sorry.
Fri-4-Mar at 2:46 pm
Tony Stark wrote...
AWESOME APP! (HTC HD2) BUT... It effected my digitizer when making calls (touching the screen to put calls on speaker, to hold, mute, keypad wont pop up... had to end calls via hard button) maybe its just my version of the phone! i love it either way, will wait for a patch! i love the quicker, less sensitive key presses while texting :D so accurate!
Fri-11-Feb at 7:28 am
SpinergyDude wrote...
100% HD2 Must have. Love this app.
Fri-14-Jan at 5:14 pm
francisco milla wrote...
is funny this shit dont change anythin if u wanna tweak ur phone i strongly recoment ''gas touch tool it really work on the htc hd2 ...hope to be helpul.. ;)
Thu-25-Nov at 8:09 am
Asek wrote...
this has got to be the worst tweak app. ever! it doesn't do anything the htc hd2 already does. It's worthless! had to do a hard reset to get rid of. YOU SUCK!!!!
Sat-20-Nov at 3:16 pm
Alfonso wrote...
don't install because if u choose to uninstall the setting stay the same like if u had the program running still. this messes up ur phone!
Tue-9-Nov at 9:01 pm
nukeurhouse12 wrote...
atlast one good app

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