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» Buggy Exterminator

Rating: 3/5
Summary: Hot summer day! Ultra-Sonic to fight mosquitoes!

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Nov 30, 2009
Found under: Misc, Fun, Bugs, Mosquitoes, Microwave, Sound

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» Buggy Exterminator Description
You have enough of mosquitoes and other insects! To defend your body from insects here is the Buggy Exterminator. It uses microwaves to fight mosquitoes.

Buggy Exterminator Screenshots

Hot summer day! Ultra-Sonic to fight mosquitoes! Hot summer day! Ultra-Sonic to fight mosquitoes!

the Buggy Exterminator free for Pocket PC

Made by: MindPol Games

» Comments

Sun-8-Jan at 2:22 am
BooN wrote...
thk for your good program but it can't run on htc touch2 (T3333)
Wed-11-May at 1:29 pm
frank wrote...
dont works on my mda vario
Tue-19-Oct at 3:45 am
pierre wrote...
works but musquitos dont care at all, tried all frequencies on one but it didnt even move.. and was alive ;)
Mon-13-Sep at 5:44 am
Nicole wrote...
Works just fine on my HTC HD2 phone. But it only helps get rid of some annoying people that's about it. I held it up to a misqueto(spelling?) and tried all frequencys, that little pest just continued tovsuck my blood. Then I tried it on a second one after smashing the first bug. The second misqueto only died from drinking to much of my blood. It's still a cool app though. Just use it as a prank on your friends and tellthem to try it out while you watch them get eaten alive.
Fri-13-Aug at 3:22 pm
Micah wrote...
It installed to the games folder and works fine on my touch pro 2. Gonna try on them skeeters later.
Sat-31-Jul at 3:48 am
Outlaw78a wrote...
Bayou Mosquitos destroyed my evening,not sure if i had the right frequancy,theres no Faq or instructions,so as of now its a DUD. HTC-TP2 good concept though,keep trying.
Thu-8-Jul at 5:37 pm
Ray Montoya wrote...
it actually works amazing!
Fri-2-Jul at 2:56 pm
Karol wrote...
as program work but now is time to test on bugs :D
Wed-30-Jun at 5:37 pm
junior roussse wrote...
works fine on my htc hd2
Sun-27-Jun at 1:15 pm
posypanka wrote...
not working at all on mio p550

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