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» busGuide2

Rating: 3/5
Summary: busGuide2 is a Windows Mobile application to get the bus arrival timing of SBS & SMRT busses at different bus stops in Singapore.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 , 5, 6 , 6.1, 6.5, touchscreen devices, .Net CF 3.5

Arrived: Jul 8, 2010
Found under: smrt, sbs, singapore, bus, travel, busguide, busguide2

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» busGuide2 Description
This is an upgrade to the previous busGuide application and has an improved UI. SMRT supported bus stops are now highlighted and bus numbers are color coded to differentiate SMRT and SBS busses.

the busGuide2 free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Wed-18-May at 8:23 am
Henry wrote...
it stopped working a week ago.
Tue-10-May at 1:11 am
Shahirah Alkaff wrote...
why has it stopped working? it keeps appearing
Thu-28-Apr at 1:40 am
Beastrisix wrote...
wont work on any omnia 2..hopeless..great app to have though..
Mon-14-Feb at 5:06 am
MyPhone wrote...
its use to be working very fine. however, recently the bookmark show lot of
Fri-27-Aug at 1:38 am
Jo Ana Cruz wrote...
This app doesn't work. It won't show my correct location. HTC HD2.
Thu-26-Aug at 8:17 am
junior wrote...
this app suck..!!! too hard to use
Tue-27-Jul at 6:00 am
elaine chan wrote...
doesnt work on omnia2; got an out of memory msg. any fix for tt?
Fri-16-Jul at 6:43 am
orehian wrote...
great job, pal... understand the hardwork, may i suggest to include the various interchanges?
Tue-13-Jul at 12:24 am
Bite Me wrote...
It might be handy to mention this app only works ingt ehtinly little dot on the globe called Singapore. Nothing wrong w/that, but the write up should say so.
Sun-11-Jul at 10:58 pm
dinn wrote...
works like a charm on HTC HD2

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