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» CalcNote for Pocket PC 1.2

Rating: 4/5
Summary: The calculator and a notepad in one (Allways popup).

Any Pocket PC

Arrived: Oct 30, 2005
Found under: Financial, Money Managers, Accounting

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» CalcNote for Pocket PC 1.2 Description

CalcNote a solely easy-to-use and helpful application. Calculator & notepad in one.


The uniqueness of CalcNote consists in its accessibility. You will not be forced to switch between tasks, with CalcNote you can truly work in two windows at a time! CalcNote is just like your desk, where along with business documents there is always a sheet of paper, pen and calculator enabling you to write down the information and make the necessary calculations without bothering yourself with technical features of your Pocket PC. Another particularity of CalcNote is simplified user interface. All the often-using functions are available with one click.

You can easily change the CalcNote's size and move it to any, comfortable for you area of the screen. If necessary, just click on the program's header to minimize the program. In minimized mode CalcNote looks like an additional button of currently running program.


  • Custom size & mobile window;

  • Three modes: calculator, notes, icon;
  • Copy & Paste;

  • Minimize with one click;

  • Always over the other running tasks, available at anytime;

  • Load on startup option;

  • Doesn't block other programs functioning;

  • Operating as simple as possible.

Typical cases of CalcNote usage.

Sometimes you need to write down quickly some phone number or address. Your interlocutor may not like waiting for you to run you Pocket PC, open Contact application, make new entry and enter phone number in the appropriate field. It's much easier to click the CalcNote icon, press the New button to create a new note and write down the number or draw an approach plan manually.

CalcNote will automatically name the note using the first line of the text and save the note on the PC. Thus, you can create notes quickly without being afraid that some of them will be missed. In your spare time, you can rewrite your notes into the appropriate program, classify the information and delete unneeded note from your computer.

Sometimes it's very important to make calculations quickly. For example, you've got e-mail containing figures to be calculated. Of course you can switch into your standard calculator that will cover the whole screen and the e-mail with the important information, but it's not the best way. It's more convenient to click once the CalcNote icon - a calculator that covers only one fourth of the screen will be opened. You still can see the figures in the e-mail - you can easily write them down or copy them into the calculator, make necessary calculations and then copy the result to any of the programs.

Try CalcNote today and discover how the simple software can simplify you life!

the CalcNote for Pocket PC 1.2 free for Pocket PC

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