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» CellMapper

Rating: 4/5
Summary: CellMapper is a program used to map the extent of your network providers coverage and cell phone tower locations. This information helps others determine if they should use the same provider or not. It is able to run both with an without a data plan.

Arrived: Dec 10, 2010
Found under: utilities, network mapping, mapping, tower, cell site, signal, coverage, map

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» CellMapper Description
CellMapper is a Windows Mobile 6.x application (standard edition compatible) which is used to help map the extent of cell phone towers coverage. The program records the location, using built-in GPS, and the cell phone tower signal and information at that location. It is able to both upload the information directly to the database or generate a CSV file in order to be uploaded later (for those that do not have a data plan).

Once the data is submitted, it will be instantly mapped and displayed on the CellMapper World Map.

CellMapper works on any network and network type.

the CellMapper free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Mon-7-Nov at 7:14 pm
Arjen Schroevers wrote...
it seems to the program is working, it shows names from celltowers, GPS position and speed, but I see no graphs, or map on my device. I removed and installed again, but still the same. I am using a HD2 Regards, Arjen
Fri-26-Aug at 10:31 pm
baykur wrote...
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Thu-6-Jan at 11:01 am
pete wrote...
as an engineer i love seeing this data come across to the world map instantly. the developer responds quickly to issues and cares about his product. it helped me to confirm the dead zone around my house and i may take this data to at
Tue-21-Dec at 9:34 pm
Jaremy wrote...
This app is not working on my TP2. When executed, the app never fully loads - just a title and a busy indicator.
Thu-18-Nov at 8:50 pm
vikesh s. parmar wrote...
good softwear
Tue-12-Oct at 4:44 pm
zivan56 wrote...
@Chris: Just enable the "Upload Directly" option if you have a data plan and walk around with the application running. It will send data and will eventually location cell phone towers/display the coverage of the area you are in. The results are on the website listed above (
Tue-12-Oct at 10:36 am
Chris wrote...
I'm still lost about how to use it could you providea link to check out everything it can do?or how to use it. lol much appreciated. hd2
Mon-11-Oct at 7:44 am
zivan56 wrote...
@Jim: Thanks for submitting CDMA results. I was able to confirm that the algorithm works with CDMA towers as well for the most part. It appear where two cells (colored areas) meet on the map, there is a cell phone tower. Unfortunately, they randomly name cells so that I can't detect a tower with a few exceptions :( T-Mobile USA (UMTS) also does the same thing.
Mon-11-Oct at 6:07 am
Jim wrote...
Works great on my Verizon Omnia II i920.
Sun-10-Oct at 7:21 pm
Niko wrote...
Works great in HD2. Thanks mate.

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