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Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: GPS Application Plugin for Wm6.5 Titanium

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6.5

Arrived: Sep 24, 2009
Found under: gps, coordinates, share, location, plugin

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» CGPS Description
logs your GPS Coordinates at an interval of 5 minutes

How does it work?

After running the application, it will turn ON your phone's GPS and log your current coordinates in a csv file. If it is able to get a valid coordinate, it will turn your GPS OFF and then wait for 5 minutes before turning it ON again.

- First Panel:

- tapping on the panel will turn on the GPS
- first text line shows the status of CGPS (on/off)
- second text line shows the number of satellites and the status of your phone's GPS
- third line shows your Latitude and Longitude
- right soft key's function is to close/exit CPGS

- Second Panel:

- will allow you to send an sms to one of your contacts with your last logged GPS coordinate and also a link to open Google Maps (installation is required on the receiving phone) and point your location.

the CGPS free for Pocket PC

Made by: oldSAP

» Comments

Wed-10-Mar at 8:10 pm
Gwysock wrote...
I have 6.5 and when I install it it says it may not display because it is an older version. That was true. It does not display so it will not work.
Sun-27-Sep at 9:07 am
branden wrote...
People are idiots! IT SAYS WINDOWS MOBILE 6.5! It hasen't even been released yet...Only leaked versions, and custom ROMS that require complete flashing of your phone. PEOPLE READ BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD!!! THIS WILL NOT WORK FOR WM6.1 ...If you are using WM6.5 like me, program works. Not great on my OMNIA, but I think that is just the poor GPS antenna.
Fri-25-Sep at 7:46 am
Adrian312 wrote...
AS YOU CAN SEE Requirements WM6.5 and header says GPS Application PLugin for WM6.5 Titanium
Thu-24-Sep at 4:33 pm
rayre wrote...
what your theme? can i download it?
Thu-24-Sep at 3:49 pm
Paul wrote...
What is the name of your theme?
Thu-24-Sep at 9:03 am
cannas88 wrote...
Requirements: Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1 AS you can see, it's for wm 5, 6, 6.1 .
Thu-24-Sep at 8:39 am
Adrian312 wrote...
AS you can see, it's for WM6.5, you have only 6.1
Thu-24-Sep at 8:14 am
sam wrote...
installation failed on WM6.1 samsung gt b7610 looks as a good app. needs a fix?

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