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» CityAdvisor

Rating: 3/5
Summary: A touch friendly, fast and flexible navigation platform to guide you traveling in the cities by taking Buses, Trams and Metros

Arrived: Jul 1, 2010
Found under: cityadvisor, public, transport, tool, navigation

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» CityAdvisor Description
The City Advisor is designed to simplify your way of traveling in cities. with the public transport systems become more and more complicated, install City Advisor on your smart phone, you will get a real-time guider. The maps are based on open xml format, and a map editor can be got on the allows you to create your own map.

  • Open Map Format (with a Map Creator provided to create and manage your own maps)
  • Touch friendly graphic user interface - use this tool with one finger.
  • Fast and strong search engine which respects the time-table implied in the map.
  • Can avoid some line or some transfer station (useful when having station renewals, accidents, etc...)
  • A Line viewer to browse all lines in the city
  • Accent insensitive station search
  • Special TimeTable which applies different timetable for different days.

    See Video presentation here:

    you can find more maps on
    Include: Athens, Brussels, Rotterdam, Milan, Beijing, Munich, Rome, Madrid, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Shanghai, Paris, and Toulouse
    No maps about your city
    no problem, you can download MapCreator to easily create and edit maps: newly fixed the default map problem of V1.20

  • the CityAdvisor free for Pocket PC

    » Comments

    Tue-10-Aug at 2:03 pm
    stam wrote...
    Thu-8-Jul at 4:23 pm
    x_sliver wrote...
    Norbert: Thanks for your details. i know the problem: In fact the cab is not digitally signed, and that's why installation failed. The security problem is not some app but a phone setting in registry. so may be you need to install the "certificate" which on my site before install the cab package? That works for somebody. P.S: A new version will be released in next week. Thanks.
    Wed-7-Jul at 9:02 am
    Norbert wrote...
    Hi, "Net CF 3.5" ist installed already. Secure problems are not possible, because I didīt use any scure programms. I tried to install the cab-files but mostly they didnīt work well. So I wait for you next update an try it again.
    Thu-1-Jul at 9:09 am
    Adrian wrote...
    Maps for Bucharest? how soon ?seems to bea nice app, the map for paris is good
    Thu-1-Jul at 7:12 am
    Nima wrote...
    i hope my website would be useful..
    Thu-1-Jul at 6:19 am
    x_sliver wrote...
    Norbert: Maybe some installation problem or security problem? can you try the ZIP version from website. A new version is in beta test on XDA-developers, no more P/Invoke, i will release it soon. wanasucre: one of the prerequest is .net CompackFramework, which is not included in WM5, can you try to install it before?
    Thu-1-Jul at 5:55 am
    Norbert wrote...
    I tried to install it on an loox560 with WM5. I allways get the error message "PInvoke-dll 'caEngine.dll' canīt be find" How can I corret it. For such questions it will be helpfull to have an Mail address on ther homepage.
    Thu-1-Jul at 2:48 am
    wanasucre wrote...
    But so many times , it doesnt works on wm5
    Thu-1-Jul at 2:47 am
    wanasucre wrote...
    Very cool
    Mon-28-Jun at 4:11 pm
    TerryB wrote...
    Lots of maps of France. No UK. Little of Germany. I don't know how good they are, because thre are none I need. Metro does it for me. But that's a guide, not a map. It tells you what routes to take etc. very effetively, and has lots of cities worldwide. So I'll stick with that.

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