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» Clipboard Tool

Rating: 5/5
Summary: Clipboard tool is a handy tool to enhance your clipboard's functionalities

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Arrived: Aug 10, 2009
Found under: clipboard, tool, utilities, copy, paste

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» Clipboard Tool Description

Clipboard Tool is a small utility made to enhance the existing Windows Mobile Clipboard. This is made by organizing the clipboard as a stack: every time you copy something, this is added to the stack. Once you want to paste something, just open Clipboard tool and select it from the stack. Some additional features are added, such as the "Links" view, which allows you to filter out of the stack only the weblinks, and the "Filter" view, which adds Regular Expressions support, allowing you to make complex searches over your Clipboard Stack. In addition, you can choose to export the whole content of the clipboard to a Text file !

the Clipboard Tool free for Pocket PC

Made by: Andrea Judge

» Comments

Sat-27-Mar at 7:57 am
eejee wrote...
Works well on my Omnia. It would be nice if it could start up minimized.
Thu-13-Aug at 6:20 am
martha wrote...
I really don't have the understanding to get this up and running. I can't get this .exe file to run on here. I get an error as I believe I do with all .exe I have tried. I have WM 6.1 on a i760 Samsung. I really appreciate the effort but I think most regular folks will have a hard time with some thing that isn't an auto intall like a .cab file. The instructions say just copy the file anywhere on my device...its in my documents. I opened everything that would do anything and nothing except that error after a warning about the unknown publisher warning which I expected. I read that I can email you for the installer but c'mon..I don't think I am the only one who just won't bother. Good Luck...
Wed-12-Aug at 11:53 am
Gerry wrote...
Connie, it works on my Axim x51v (WM5). The app is written in Microsoft .NET Compact Framework; I'm not sure which version of .NET CF is required, but definitely later than 1.0. Mine is 3.5, which is the latest. That said, the app is not as small as the author claims. It occupies 1.9 mb. of storage space, and uses about 300 kb. of RAM when running.
Sun-18-May at 6:33 am
Az4aFriend wrote...
i also cant get it to work on my XDA Trio (HTC TyTn) running WM6. and the publisher doesnt reply to any emails asking for help.
Tue-29-Jan at 6:10 am
Constant Roberts Marks wrote...
I can't seem to get it to work. I can't find the web page to see if there is more info. I am running on a Toshiba e800 running MS Mobile 2003 2nd ed. 4.2.1088. A clue or two on how to make it function would be nice. I use a clipboard manager on my desktop and can't get by w/o it. thanks, Connie

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