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» Co0kies Home Tab

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: This is a Sense 2.5 Home Tab modification

Sense 2.5 is the minimal requirement. This mod will not work on Sense 2.1 and below. WVGA and VGA are supported.

Arrived: Nov 18, 2010
Found under: utilites, customization, enhancement, htc hd2, hd2, tweaks, mods, manila, sense

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» Co0kies Home Tab Description
Final Version 2.0

This is a Sense 2.5 Home Tab modification app which features:
* Very Customizable Home Tab:
- home items are movable and customizable
- flip and analog clocks with 6 layouts
- 1 to 7 appointment bars
- 1 to 3 quick link rows
- call, sms and email notifications bar
* Extended Quick Links:
- Quick Links layouts include 3x3, 4x4, 4x5 and 5x5
- up to 80 shortcuts on multiple pages
- links can be easily rearranged via drag and drop
- options to hide empty links, icon frames and text
- grid view in program selector
* Extended Appointments:
- up to 7 appointments on the home tab
- dated appointments for more than 2 days in the future
* Lock Screen:
- 3 unlock modes
- customizable layout
* Call History and Voicemail notifications
* Configurable links for: Alarm, Calendar, Call History, Date, Weather and Clock
* 4 animation levels
* Mod options are configurable with CHTEditor

Co0kies Home Tab Screenshots

This is a Manila (Sense) 2.5 Home Tab modification This is a Manila (Sense) 2.5 Home Tab modification

Co0kies Home Tab Video Preview

Additional files:

CHTEditor - tweek with additional settings ! RECOMMENDED !!!

the Co0kies Home Tab free for Pocket PC

Made by: Co0kieMonster

» Comments

Thu-24-Jan at 12:27 am
Andrew Kibiego wrote...
How do I install it on HTC hd? Pliz developer help....
Sun-30-Dec at 2:49 am
Alma N. wrote...
works great on my tp2!
Sat-22-Dec at 10:42 am
gowthaman wrote...
totally waste
Thu-6-Dec at 12:42 am
Morvarid Akhbari wrote...
how can i use it? after download nothing happend
Sun-2-Sep at 12:08 pm
sandy wrote...
fukin app...nt even downloadin....
Mon-27-Aug at 1:51 am
abieahmad wrote...
working great with my HTC HD2..excelent.
Thu-9-Aug at 3:57 pm
hohy ahen wrote...
wht is supost to happen?
Wed-25-Jul at 3:36 pm
chethankumar wrote...
mother fuckers don't cheat people it won't get download at all
Wed-18-Jul at 5:29 am
zizomizo wrote...
nothing happened on htc touch 2
Sat-23-Jun at 5:06 am
SpinergyDude wrote...
love it hd2 user AbiliTV

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