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» CommMgrPro

Rating: 5/5
Summary: Create profiles setting status of connections, BT, WIFI, 2g, 3g, and much more and let the program select them automatically based on your current location (Cell ID/LAC) and current Time.

Windows Mobile 5/6 Phone Edition

Arrived: May 27, 2007
Found under: Enhancements, Mobile Phone Apps, GPRS

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» CommMgrPro Description
Take full control over your device and let the device execute actions depending on your location and time schedule. Create profiles (home, work, cinema, ...) based on location (cell/lac) and create 24h time schedules associated to places. Teach the program where is your home, work, ... and let it select profiles manuallyThe application helps users to manage connections, BT, Wifi, Phone, 2g/3g, speaker. Users can switch between GPRS, UMTS and auto modes. Wi-Fi and bluetooth are supported. Switch between modes (off, connectable, and discoverable). Switch between flight mode and On mode. Close idle connections. Switch between Normal, Mute and Vibrate modes. Create profiles and time frames for those profiles (day, night). Set the state of your connections, band, wifi, bluetooth, phone and speaker. Send SMS and e-mails, cpu mode. Today plugin available. Totally skinnable. VGA and Square screen users please download correct installer from

the CommMgrPro free for Pocket PC

Made by: DHR

» Comments

Wed-17-Mar at 7:18 pm
skander wrote...
this site is manifique thenk you vry match
Wed-13-Jan at 7:54 am
Theunis wrote...
I should have read the comments first - I also cannot uninstall. How can one edit it out of the registry
Fri-8-May at 12:24 am
Dinesh wrote...
Anybody know how to remove this bullshit......
Sun-5-Apr at 3:35 am
TC323 wrote...
Does anyone know how to FULLY uninstall this software that does not work???
Sun-7-Sep at 9:34 am
Dillys wrote...
testing first
Mon-25-Aug at 8:09 am
Lacho wrote...
It realy can't be uninstolld. I don't like it but it got stuck in my TyNT II forever. Does someone knows how can be uninstalled ?
Mon-14-Jul at 4:34 am
Russian wrote...
Appearently it cant uninstall for some reason! and it was not that good either. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS
Wed-26-Mar at 3:03 pm
Cappy wrote...
NOT FREEWARE! Will not fully uninstall. AVOID
Mon-17-Mar at 5:17 pm
rakesh wrote...
i am not able to uninstall it on my o2 xda exec. what a shit piece of crap.
Sun-9-Mar at 1:00 am
Accura wrote...
I too was unable to uninstall it on my at&t tilt. I almost thought I had a BRICK!!! not recomended for the HTC 8925 the WM6 comm manager does all that I need

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