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» ContactManager v0.10

Rating: 5/5
Summary: This program is an attempt to get a contact list that can be played with finger. What it does: - Classic finger scrolling. - Tapping the contact make appear a screen with contact info (photo, name, phone, sms and mail). Selecting one option la...

* Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0 devices
* .NET framework 2.0 compact framework runtime: you probably already have it if you're running a WM6.0 device.

Arrived: Jul 11, 2007
Found under: contacts, manager, Utilities, Enhancement

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» ContactManager v0.10 Description
This program is an attempt to get a contact list that can be played with finger.

What it does:
- Classic finger scrolling.
- Tapping the contact make appear a screen with contact info (photo, name, phone, sms and mail). Selecting one option launch the default compose dialog or make the call.
- Display contact photo if present (in the list and the contact detail).

ContactManager v0.10 ContactManager v0.10

What's different:
- If you press you finger on the left or right border of the screen it will allow you to select the letter you're searching for, release the finger, it will show you the contact starting with this letter. For me that's the way to go in touch interface: release should trigger the event, push should only provide visual feedback, I'd like a visual kb like this.
- The contact detail is not the standard one, for now it's quite ugly... if you're a graphist or have some idea about what's better... feel free.
- The list is animated (scrolling) and the transition between list and detail also.

There is an .ini file that you can create in the directory where the program reside. It contains color, font and image settings. See the setting.ini provided in the zip file.

To install, copy the unzipped file to your ppc and run it. Should be enough. Tested on WM6 only, should run on WM 5.0.

Update Description:

* Gesture: you can slide you finger from right to left or right to left, it will go act like the lower left softkey.
* Bug fixes: app crashing while deleting contact
* New virtual contact: at the end of the list you have a new contact, tap on it to create a new
* New default theme inspired from the Touch
* New settings to adjust contact detail position
* Second Line can contain (breakline), if you want to display more than one line
* New Touch theme
* Cab File that replace contact manager (registry)

- Back button in on bottom left menu in detail view.
- Setting to remove favourite images from list.
- Tapping on the contact picture now show a menu that let you set as favorite, change picture, edit or create new contact.
- Key should work again, as does animated scrolling from A_Z index pick.
- Bug fixes.

- New settings for feedback image.
- New settings for contact detail image.
- Default image for contact without image.
- Tap on the image allow you to change image.
- Favourite contact can have a different height.
- Change for VGA device, now for those device the settingsVGA.ini file is loaded.
- Tap on the list while scrolling will stop scrolling.
- Bug fixes.

- Ability to disable endless scrolling.
- Setting for the size of contact picture in detail.
- You can set a contact as favorite.
- The favorite screen show the list of favorite contacts.
- Update settings for VGA pda (thanks Mr Groch).
- Bug fixes.

- Fullscreen support.
- Background image.
- Formatting for displayed information (see settings.ini).
- Option to hide contact images in list.
- Option to sort contact based on (almost) any combination.
- Bug fixes (scroll up by key, other minor).
- Endless scrolling for contact.

- Remove debug information.

- Left keypad go back to list when looking at detail.
- Settings.ini for VGA device, rename to settings.ini, should be better than before.
- More settings in setting.ini ("hot zone" size for for index browsing, small button height, height of phone number list, ...).
- Fixed refresh bug with settings image.
- Fixed display bug (font overlapping), now the second line will always be below the first, no matter the font size you set.
- Bug fixes.

- Fix black left border when no settings background color is applied (or no setting at all).

- Multipe phone number support (it's a scroll list like contact list, so if you have lot of phone number for a contact, you can scroll the list with your finger).
- Basic skin support (see Settings.ini).
- Support for image for button (by default there is no image... but you can set one in the settings.ini file).
- Bug fixes.
- VGA should be better (with a correct skin however, cause thing will look ... small), but I still don't have VGA device, tell me about the perf!
- Release include a dark skin, if you put the settings.ini it's gonna be dark, without it's gonna be white. You can always play without skin, just customize the settings you want customized.

- Support for accented letter (and other).
- Bold font for contact.
- Better feedback display while playing with index.
- Better animation support (you won't notice a diff, but the code is less ugly).
- A_Z is repositionned.
- E-mail address is show in contact detail.
- New contact button (not working as expected, you have to tap on the outlook dialog to edit...).
- Favorites page to come (but tapping on the button makes the page slide).
- Minimize support.
- Key pad scrolling: up/down scroll one page, left/right scroll three contact.

- A_Z left panel is centered.
- Improved perf (tell me if you see a difference).
- Use of FileAs and not some complex computation.
- Will try to find a phone number (actually contact detail should allow you to call home/work/mobile... it will come).
- Improved scrolling.

the ContactManager v0.10 free for Pocket PC

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