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» CruiseController

Rating: 3/5
Summary: GPS cruise control utility for a car driver

WM5.x\6.x with .NET CF v.2.x or higher GPS module

Arrived: Nov 3, 2010
Found under: gps, speed, control, limit, police, penalty

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» CruiseController Description
CruiseController: an every-day GPS cruise control utility for a car driver, having Windows Mobile 5/6 PDA with a GPS module. If your car has no built-in cruise-control feature, or you like speeding, but want to stop penalty for it - it's utility for you!

* The main function of the program is to control 2 ranges of speed: let's say city range and highway one.

* You can adjust values as you like, and if your speed (measured by GPS module) reaches these values – you will be informed by sound.

* Each range has the minimal speed value, after that you may go on without brake. Of course, if other road conditions allow this.

* And there is the maximal speed (of each range), you will be informed about it as the top limit, after that you have to free the accelerator pedal, for slowing down immediately – else a penalty for speeding has almost caught you.

* If you again slowed down up to the minimal range value – the program reminds you that you are free to increase the speed more.

So, with this function you just need to press or release the accelerator a bit according to the sound alerts.

NOTE: 1. It is better to set the range values below enough the allowed limits on your roads 2. The speed of your car's speedometer may differ from GPS speed much due to the wheels diameter and their pressure.

Other features of the program:

* GPS connection is realized via the built-in operating system software driver that is available starting MS® Windows Mobile 5 version (and higher: WM6, 6.1...). This allows to use this program at the same time with other GPS navigation software that may require GPS connect via GPS module's serial port.

* GPS connection may be permanent (for driving a car), or just periodical each 2 minutes, to save the battery charge, if moving slowly.

* “NO SPEEDING!”: non-stop alerting about the maximum levels exceeded

* The program prevents going PDA to the sleep-mode

Software has no time limit, so main speed control functions are freeware, but there are some additional functions available after program’s registration:

* “Check maximums only” option: no sound alerts for the minimum ranges limits.

* “Do NOT alert” option: no alerts about the speed, for using other GPS functions of the program in silence.

* GPS-reminder: save the point you are in (sure, coordinates from GPS will be saved also), and the program will alert you when you are again in this area (if the program is running). Without registration only the first point added is controlled.

the CruiseController free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sun-12-Dec at 11:47 am
Peacemaker wrote...
Data from GPS module is only once per a second. So the speed is checked after 1 second delay anyway: speed limists have to be chosen smaller than you need in reality.
Wed-1-Dec at 4:24 am
erk wrote...
program loaded fine on htc hd2 but will be deleting as its 5miles slower than the actaul speed your going, so not very helpfull
Sun-7-Nov at 7:04 am
Peacemaker wrote...
How to delete the software ? No delete function in DEVELOPER area. Admins, please, delete it, as\if software without time limit and some options available after registration does not look freeware.
Fri-5-Nov at 9:59 am
robert johnson wrote...
I aways thought this site was for free wear not share wear. Can the web masters delete this share wear.
Fri-5-Nov at 2:33 am
Bassplayer wrote...
another gps simple measure software.
Thu-4-Nov at 10:00 am
Stephen Yale wrote...
Shareware not freeware.
Thu-4-Nov at 4:48 am
watchdog2003 wrote...
Using HTC HD2 windows mobile v6.5.5 on 4 November 2010 The installation of CruiseController v2.51 was unsuccessful

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