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» CSV Reader 1.2

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Summary: Make your own Reference Dictionary, with animated images. I don't find any dictionary maker type free software, which allows you to include pictures. And CSV reader was born!. The csv file can be made using excel, notepad etc. Improved version, with finger friendly controls. Solved the error " Index out of range"; CSV Reader is capable of reading many types of delimited files.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Jun 20, 2010
Found under: csv, doc, productivity, dictionary, reader

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» CSV Reader 1.2 Description
Very Important.
Please follow the instructions to create an error free .CSV file
The file should have ".csv" extension
Save the file in "UTF-8" encoding as follows:
After creating the file,
Open the file in Notepad.
Click "File" Menu
Select " Save as"
Add ".csv" as file extension in fileName
Select "All files" in save As type
Select "UTF-8" in encoding (This is very important)
CSV reader can be used to open .csv files with reference to picture files offollowing types.
.gif -animated
The csv file can be made in excel,notepad etc and after that shall be saved in notepad as mentioned above.
The pictures shall be saved to StoragecardCSVReader folder, in your device.
Just type the name of the picture file with extension in the csv file.

example of a CSV file

The first line will be treated as the column name.
In place of john.bmp, the CSV Reader will show the picture if it is found
StoragecardCSVReader folder
There is no restriction on number of columns and rows. Request the users to send their CSV files for my collection.
Please feel free to contact the developer

the CSV Reader 1.2 free for Pocket PC

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