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» CSV Reader

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Simple CSV file reader app

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Jan 20, 2010
Found under: Productivity, Documents, CSV, file, reader

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» CSV Reader Description
CSV Reader lets you load and browser CSV (comma separated) files. The interface is really simple and easy to use, just load the file and select the column and criteria.

the CSV Reader free for Pocket PC

Made by: C.Mohan

» Comments

Fri-12-Feb at 3:02 am
hfrmobile wrote...
Ah ... I see. It is common that a lot of programs are offering something like: CSV Files (*.csv, *.tsv) All Files (*.*) Often Log files are stored as .log, .txt but containing CSV (or TSV - tabulator separated text files)
Wed-10-Feb at 12:29 pm
Mohan wrote...
hfrmobile - Thank you. I have avoided "*.*" so as not to pick wrong files and end up with error!.
Tue-9-Feb at 1:35 pm
hfrmobile wrote...
There should be a standard FileOpenDialog allowing *.* optionally tGetFile.dll
Sat-6-Feb at 10:07 am
Mohan wrote...
Coming out support for custom delimiters in next version. But can't understand your comment on File open dialog. It is supposed to Show all files with .csv extension. Pleae let me know what tyepe of File open dialog you are expecting. Scrolling will be better in upcoming version.
Fri-5-Feb at 12:42 am
hfrmobile wrote...
Only one delmitter supported. Looks ugly. File open dialog is a farce. Bad scrollling ...
Wed-3-Feb at 9:54 am
Mohan wrote...
Hi David B. received your files. The CSV reader was designed to open Comma delimeited files only. Working on next version.Will include other delimiters too. Mohan
Sat-30-Jan at 7:28 pm
David Baughman wrote...
Mohan, I sent the files. They are csv files but are delimited with semicolons. Dave B.
Wed-27-Jan at 8:44 am
Mohan wrote...
My email-
Wed-27-Jan at 8:43 am
Mohan wrote...
Mr.Shyam - Can You please tell me what happened?So that i can Improve upon. Hope that you tried to open a .csv file(Comma Separated value File) Mr.David.B Thanks for your review. I will try out The other language file that you mentioned.Can you plz email it to me?
Tue-26-Jan at 9:32 pm
David B. wrote...
Ah! I just realized the file I tried to open is not an English language file. When I opened an English language file, it worked OK. I will keep it installed. Sorry for the unnecessary comment below.

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