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» Daidalos

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Simple map tool.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1,.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Dec 16, 2009
Found under: gps, maps, offline,

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» Daidalos Description

Application doesn't need online connection.
Daidalos uses user prepared maps in jpg format.
It's possible to add and to calibrate map images. Calibrated map is ready to tracking.
Calibration is process of assignment the geographic coordinates on two map points.
Ideal calibration is when the calibration points are placed in the opposite map corner areas.
Be aware of using only valid rectangled maps.
Map views with visualisation of earth curvature are not usable in this application.
There is an option to export and import callibrated maps by DAP packages.

Application is useful when:
- it's not possible to use online navigation
- offline navigation is not available
- special map (e.g. scanned touristic map) tracking is needed

Daidalos supports touch and non touch devices.

Versions history:
- fixed
-- GPS state Off/On visualisation
-- some texts (rem: I am looking for someone who would help me to check English texts)
-- reduced size of a blue heading arrow
v1.0 Beta 1
- new
-- main functionality

the Daidalos free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sun-28-Feb at 12:05 pm
luis wrote...
bery good
Thu-14-Jan at 2:19 am
ptlabco wrote...
Yes, I have got this item in my todo list. But I still donít know, when I will start work on it.
Wed-13-Jan at 2:23 am
Jop wrote...
Thanks for answer. Do you have plans to make some bigger maps availible?
Wed-13-Jan at 1:58 am
ptlabco wrote...
Daidalos can work only with relative small images. The limitation is 1047552 pixels (etc 1024*1024). Daidalos is simple map tool. Advanced features like a track recording is not supported.
Tue-12-Jan at 3:43 pm
jop wrote...
It works nice. I think it is not possible to record a track? Other question: what is the maximum size of the .JPG file that you can use? >1 Mb? >512 kb?
Mon-21-Dec at 8:06 am
ptlabco wrote...
It is a matter of view. NaviComputer cannot use my home paper maps :)
Thu-17-Dec at 9:57 pm
deepak vishwakarma wrote...
i don't understand ur software it should be like navicomputer
Wed-16-Dec at 2:19 pm
Nick (yet again) wrote...
Ok, instead of providing additional directions on downloading maps and calibrating using Daidalos, I have actually begun using a different program altogether which has BUILT-IN capabilities of downloading and calibrating maps directly to the phone (starting in version .8) Here is the link - Although I like Daidalos I find the Navicomputer program to be more mature, easier to use and more feature rich.
Wed-9-Dec at 12:22 am
devd wrote...
thnk you
Sun-6-Dec at 12:49 pm
Blessings wrote...
guys I have upgrade my HTC S620 from windows 5 to 6, but softs like GoogleMaps 3 and other advanced softs can't be installed successfully. What could be the problem? Help me guys pliz

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