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» Diamond Hologram

Rating: 4/5
Summary: VR Hologram very similar to the wii Head Tracking VR demo made famous on youtube.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Sep 13, 2008
Found under: Diamond, sensor, hologram, fun, 3D

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» Diamond Hologram Description
VR Hologram very similar to the wii Head Tracking VR demo made famous on youtube.

Uses G-Sensor to track tilt and update the VR Hologram view accordingly. 3D Hologram created using Managed Direct 3D Mobile (MD3DM). Found it easier to learn than the Managered wrapper for Opengl ES.

This is my first 3D app / game and also my first windows mobile app so be gentle but your comments, recommendations and criticisms are more than welcome. Been checking out this forum for over a year now but never really contributed.

Video Preview of Diamond Hologram

the Diamond Hologram free for Pocket PC

Made by: pauloke

» Comments

Sun-1-Aug at 5:05 pm
curt anderson wrote...
well it looks cool but cant get it to work, I have an hd2 and im getting the same error message as everyone else. please anyone e-mail me with directions how to get it to work.
Thu-11-Feb at 4:32 am
mani wrote...
Sat-5-Dec at 8:42 am
Peter wrote...
I have the same problem like Chris ! It wont work on Omnia i900 ? HELP !!! What might be the problem ? p.s. Chris, if you already solved - write me plssss.. My email is
Wed-12-Aug at 3:23 pm
kennedy wrote...
it's not working on my htc diamond how do i get it on my htc and to work..,!!!
Mon-27-Jul at 5:12 pm
mitchbaz wrote...
is there a way to make it come in and out like on the wii head tracking?
Wed-6-May at 12:07 am
Chris wrote...
need help....On my omnia it say Error: (The sample has run into an error and it needs to close: DriverInvalidCallException) when i try to run the app. Can you help me ?
Tue-28-Apr at 12:28 pm
FroZeNSouL wrote...
PLEASE update axis. needs flipping! doesn't give holographiceffect
Sun-18-Jan at 3:34 pm
xenakis wrote...
it's not working on my diamond Error: (The sample has run into an error and needsto close: DriverInvalidCallException) Can you help me ?
Tue-28-Oct at 7:05 pm
Jonny wrote...
Very cool experiment... keep it up. I doubt the haters have programmed anything in their pathetic lives. To improve it, I would say that I think the axis tilting needs to be flipped, so that the tunnel appears to be going in the same direction when you tilt the phone.
Tue-14-Oct at 10:27 am
Mr M wrote...
I suppose the point is that we could potentialy get 3d wallpapers onto our diamonds...Imagine being able to see the hot girl in your phone background from multiple angles just by tilting your phone ;)

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