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» Easy Today Launcher

Rating: 5/5
Summary: Easy Today Launcher is a today Plug-In lets you add shortcuts to their favorite aplication on the today screen.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5

Arrived: May 17, 2010
Found under: utilities, customization, today, today screen, launcher, programs

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» Easy Today Launcher Description
Easy Today Launcher is a today Plug-In lets you add shortcuts to their favorite aplication on the today screen.

Screen resolution: VGA, WVGA, QVGA, WQVGA

NOTE ! - After install go to start > settings > today > items > select easy today launcher > options > to add/remove the items !

the Easy Today Launcher free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Wed-12-Sep at 6:58 am
Petrica Grigore wrote...
Is very very useful 5 stars
Sun-9-Sep at 3:06 pm
nick sena wrote...
very good aplication,just what i need.
Tue-8-May at 5:47 am
anand kapoor wrote...
Very useful,Excellent working on my Garmin Asus M10
Sun-1-Jan at 3:13 pm
Cupid Stunt wrote...
What a wicked little App !! Works well on Treo Pro / XDAs & HTCs various WM 6.1 / 6.5
Sun-11-Dec at 1:57 am
ashley wakefield wrote...
easy to use and actually works on mogul, can change the number of ones on home screen if you adjust how many are in rows in options, so fyi you can add more than 8 apps on homescreen yo ive got 9 right now for instance..
Tue-1-Nov at 5:58 am
Tobe wrote...
top! nice and simple. some icons did not display correctly
Sun-11-Sep at 4:20 am
bikash shrestha wrote...
very good app.
Sun-24-Jul at 6:02 pm
Ravan wrote...
Although the HTC TP2 comes with a similar theme embed, an added touch that allows you to place your contacts as Icons on the screen - very useful for frequent contacts; customize the Font and Label sizes - this is great, I get tired of squinting using other apps w/o this added feature.
Tue-12-Apr at 8:16 am
stickeynote wrote...
awesome app! very versatile and nice looking. I still like Throttlelauncher more, but if I couldn't have that I'd be fine with this!
Tue-15-Mar at 11:30 am
seselloisweng wrote...
thank you, works fine on Cherry Mobile Eclipse 1.

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