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» EndKey

Rating: 2/5
Summary: EndKey is powerful launcher for quick access to lock, vibrate or flight functions.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Arrived: Nov 19, 2007
Found under: launch, utilities, key, lock, vibrate, flight

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» EndKey Description
EndKey is powerful launcher for quick access to lock, vibrate or flight functions.

the EndKey free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Mon-20-Oct at 12:37 am
cj23 wrote...
good software for pocket pc
Thu-4-Sep at 11:48 am
Chris wrote...
That's not the point! These people want this software off their phones and the developer(s) didn't do a proper job to ensure that could happen. I understand completely that this is "freeware" and think it's wonderful that someone can create something and just give it away, but the other side of that is don't be surprised when you do a poor job and people complain, and warn others, about your product.
Sat-12-Jan at 1:40 am
BenS wrote...
Brilliant Program - don't worry about uninstalling it because if you'd like to "CHANGE" an of the SoftKeys - left or right - including the "EndKey", there is a simple and fanastic program called KeySwop who will do the job...oh and it's free!
Sat-22-Dec at 2:46 pm
Julie wrote...
How do I get this off my Tmobile Wing? Help!! Nothing I do can get this off.
Mon-26-Nov at 9:02 am
Curtis wrote...
I love this app, now I can very easily toggle vibrate and ringer with my finger, I don't need to pull out the stylus everytime. Good Work! PS: You guys can always get back your contact key by utility like "advance configuration tool".
Tue-20-Nov at 10:07 am
Casey wrote...
Yeah, this is like another product I had that I had to get a registry editing program and edit my registry. Unless you REALLY want this program, then I'd stay clear as it's not going to be easy to get rid of. I, too, did the uninstall and soft reset to no avail.
Tue-20-Nov at 9:38 am
David wrote...
I can't get my contacts button back... tried everything... this sucks. when you un-instal, then soft reset, it keeps the contact button as the "End Key", when you click on it, it gives you an error!!! I told you, this sucks!
Tue-20-Nov at 7:36 am
jonatan wrote...
i think you should just uninstall like usual and soft reset ! it worked for me
Mon-19-Nov at 11:48 am
Casey wrote...
Now that I want it off, it won't allow me to delete it. :(
Mon-19-Nov at 11:35 am
Casey wrote...
Nice app, but it took over my Contacts button on my 8125. Would be nice if it was selectable. As it is, I'd rather have my contacts button. So, of it goes!

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