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» Ep Detect

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Epilepsy Detector Application

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework version 3.5

Arrived: Sep 14, 2009
Found under: health, epilepsy, detector, gps, accelerometer,

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» Ep Detect Description
Ep Detect is an accelerometer based mobile phone application that uses advanced signal processing to detect epileptic seizures. It runs on most mobile phones that support SMS messaging, movement detection and GPS position location.

The addition of the seizure detection signal processing enables the phone to function as a wearable seizure detection system, with remote signalling to carers. Epdetect monitors the wearers movements, distinguishing between normal movement and movement associated with a Tonic–clonic seizure. If a seizure is detected, Epdetect will contact your carer with your status and GPS position.

Epdetect will monitor the movement of the person while the phone is in their pocket or worn on a belt. The software will differentiate the movements associated with epilepsy from normal movement.

When a seizure is detected it will warn the person that it is about to send an SMS message to a carer, in the case of a false alarm the person will be able to cancel the SMS alert. The SMS message contains time, GPS coordinates (if the phone has GPS) and a short message, allowing the carer to raise the alarm and take remedial action or call an ambulance. When the person recovers they press a button to cancel the alarm, which will initiate an end of emergency SMS message.

The Epdetect user interface screens:

* Status Message – A "Seizure Detected – press the clear button for 5 seconds to cancel" message will be displayed.
* Audible Alarm – An audible alarm will sound immediately upon detection of a seizure.
* Count Down Timer – A countdown from 30 seconds will be displayed to enable the user to press the cancel button prior to sending the outgoing SMS alert. The countdown timer is adjustable from 1- 60 seconds.
* Clear Button – A large "clear" button graphic is displayed to allow the user to clear the detector active status, which also cancels any outgoing SMS alert. The "clear" button must be pressed for 5 seconds within 30 seconds to prevent the outgoing SMS message.

Alarm Active Screen:

* Status Message – A "Seizure In Progress – press the cancel button for 5 seconds to signal the end of a seizure" message is displayed.
* Audible Alarm – A second audible alarm will continue to play until the alarm active status is cleared.
* Cancel Button – A large "cancel" button graphic is displayed to allow the user to clear the alarm status, which also causes an end of seizure SMS message to be sent. The "cancel" button must be pressed for 5 seconds to cancel the alarm active status.
* Additional Message – A message saying |This person may be having an epileptic fit" will be displayed on screen.

Advanced Options Screen:

* Back-Up Accelerometer Data – Tick box, which if ticked saves the raw accelerometer data that caused the last alarm condition to a file.
* GPS On/Off – Tick box, which if ticked activates the phone’s GPS to generate location information, which is appended to SMS messages.
* Carer No 1 – The mobile phone number of the first carer, this number will receive an SMS message if an alarm condition is active.
* Carer No 2 – Optional, the mobile phone number of the second carer, this number will receive an SMS message if an alarm condition is active.
* Carer No 3 – Optional, the mobile phone number of the third carer, this number will receive an SMS message if an alarm condition is active.
* Alarm Message – The SMS message that will be sent when an alarm is active.
* Cancel Alarm Message – The SMS message that will be sent when an alarm is cleared.
* Detector Active Sound – Selects the warning sound to play when the detector is active.
* Alarm Active Sound – Selects the sound to play when the alarm has not been cancelled (could be an audio file such as; "Help this person is having an epileptic seizure").

Ep Detect Screenshots

Epilepsy Detector Application Epilepsy Detector Application

Epilepsy Detector Application Epilepsy Detector Application

the Ep Detect free for Pocket PC

Made by: Ep Detect

» Comments

Sun-18-Jul at 10:04 pm
Amsu Jackal wrote...
whoever created this, thank you so much. my mother has really bad grand-mal seizures and i worry about her a lot. i am going to give this app to her, and i can be notified instead of having to wonder and worry. great blessings to whoever created this app.
Tue-1-Dec at 10:21 pm
jeff wrote...
this will hopefully help me get help for my seizures due to having seizures that always last for more then 15 minutes and giving me the security of knowing that i will not die or go brain dead due to abnomality in the length in my seizures it is also gives me security knowing that help will be on the way if no one is near and i am alone thank you so much who ever made this u have no idea of how much this makes me feel safer mean it :)
Sun-1-Nov at 10:33 am
Maharaj wrote...
Wed-16-Sep at 7:13 pm
ChIcHiS wrote...
you can also look for a cab called FUC (frequently used cab) and it will install .net compact framework through a cab file...MUUUUCH more convenient :D
Tue-15-Sep at 10:17 am
sean wrote...
Grateful-for net cf 3.5 you have to dl it from your computer then use usb to install it. You can google it or find it at microsoft website.
Tue-15-Sep at 8:07 am
GRATEFUL wrote...
Excuse the Caps I meant nothing by it, I have to use it in my job.
Tue-15-Sep at 8:05 am
GRATEFUL wrote...
Mon-14-Sep at 11:05 pm
Chrisp wrote...
This does seem like a very good idea. But, like posted before, the failure rate could break this. Riding in a bumpy car, running, or someone tickling you could set this off. I think a sound alarm before sending the sms would help reduce any failure ratings. Nice idea and application otherwise!
Mon-14-Sep at 2:00 pm
Brady wrote...
@ fhadfhdhsdth Apparently you're just as useless. Just look at your mastery of grammar. This application, while I may not have epilepsy, is very useful for those who do. The idea is great, and I would love to see something like this gain popularity, but I have to question if it has a failure rate.
Mon-14-Sep at 10:08 am
TekServer wrote...
This looks like an amazing and innovative piece of software, kudos to the author! Just out of curiosity, did you make this because of a personal need for you or a family member or friend, or just out of an altruistic insight? :)

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