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» EzInput

Rating: 4/5
Summary: HTC EzInput Keyboard Suites - RC2 and Language Packs

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Nov 27, 2008
Found under: keyboard, input, utilities, finger, friendly, diamond

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» EzInput Description

This app, as many of you already know, is the well known "Diamond" keyboards suite shipped with the HTC devices since the Diamond release. HTC officially ships it with the Quartz and Touch HD (in WVGA), Diamond and Touch Pro (in VGA) and with the Touch Viva and Touch 3G (in QVGA).
The suite gives users the choice of a Keypad, a Compact Keyboard and a Full Keyboard:

HTC EzInput Keyboard Suites - RC2 and Language Packs

These are the main differences between the officially released version, made for phones without an Hardware keyboard, and the one you'll find here:

* Added compatibility with 16keys Hardware keyboards.
* Added compatibility with 20keys Hardware keyboards.
* Added compatibility with Full Hardware keyboards.
* Added full key remapping capabilities to Full Hardware keyboards.
* Added T9/ABC functionality to Full Hardware keyboards.
* Restored DeadKeys functionality to Full Hardware keyboards.
* Added compatibility between 16keys Hardware keyboards and some apps extracted from the new Manila2D roms.
* Improved compatibility with third-party browsers.
* Fixed the "white items" issue in the list of available languages.
* Added compatibility with French Qwerty, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak and Turkish Language Packs.



Uninstall of all the previously installed third party keyboards and SIP changers is recommended.
  1. Choose your hardware configuration and download the main application (the blue hyperlinks).
  2. Choose the Language Packs from post #3.
  3. Uninstall any previous beta, if installed.
  4. Make a soft reset.
  5. If you are using a Rom with EzInput 1.5 already included, you must terminate the "SipGT_app" process first, or you won't be able to install.
  6. Install the Main cab you've chosen. After the install it won't be necessary to reset your phone.
  7. Install all the Language Packs you've chosen.
  8. Make a soft reset.
  9. Go to Settings -> Input -> Options and choose your Language from the list. Only the languages for which you have installed a Language Pack will give you a working keyboard.
NOTE: The main cabs don't include any language. Even if they will let the full list appear in the settings listbox, you'll have to manually add the languages you need to use.

Due to the peculiarity of the CAB install technology and the way with which HTC has conceived the Language List configuration in the Registry (a single string for all available languages, which can't be parsed by the WM CAB engine), the full list needs to be created before you'll install even a single Language Pack.
After that, to remove all unneeded languages from the list, a simple edit of the registry will suffice.

The first post for RC2 is here.

QVGA Main cabs - 0409
Note: These cabs are only meant for WWE 0409 roms.

[No Keyboard] - phones without HW keyboard (e.g.: Elf)

[Keypad] - phones with 16keys HW keyboards (e.g.: Nike 16keys)

[Compact Keyboard] - phones with 20keys HW keyboards (e.g.: Nike 20keys)

[Full Keyboard] - phones with full HW keyboard (e.g.: Kaiser)

More information about customization and language packs you can find here

the EzInput free for Pocket PC

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