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» F1 Pocket 2010

Rating: 5/5
Summary: Formula 1 information software about 2010 session. Every thing you need to know, teams , pilots, circuits, ranking, poles,...

Arrived: Jul 4, 2010
Found under: sports, misc, formula1, f1, rankings, info

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» F1 Pocket 2010 Description

Technical features:

Developed by Chinubrio over graphical interface and by Ricardo Fraile (me) over writting code.

With the collaboration of my girlfriend Marta Sáez , Beatriz Brogeras, Daniel Gete and his girlfriend  Chiara, and David Robledo.

If you want to help us with more languages, please contac us ( ).

F1 Pocket 2010  v2.1

New features:

With the collaboration of  Dmitry Andreev, Fatih Gezer, Luis Filipe G. Monteiro, Dalibor Horvat, Arnold Van de Poll, Gidano, Marcin Wietrzycki, Jan Truschkowski, Alexandr Škaryd, Jorge Patricio Diaz Guzman and Enrico.

F1 Pocket 2010  v2.2

New features:

F1 Pocket 2010  v2.3

New features:

F1 Pocket 2010 v2.4

New features:

F1 Pocket 2010 v2.5

New features:

F1 Pocket 2010  v2.6

New features:


Download VGA-WVGA version: F1 Pocket 2010

Download QVGA-WQVGA version: F1 Pocket 2010

the F1 Pocket 2010 free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Thu-3-Feb at 6:10 pm
111seyhan wrote...
Sat-8-Jan at 1:14 am
dave wrote...
great app love it is there one for 2011 ?????
Fri-23-Jul at 2:38 pm
Pablo wrote...
dont work on my hd2shit
Sat-10-Jul at 4:06 am
wardak wrote...
How to start the game, we just scrol through menus.
Sun-4-Jul at 5:35 pm
Bogdan-Adrian Minciuna wrote...
Excellent F1 Software
Wed-9-Jun at 3:15 pm
Bazooka wrote...
Very good app well done. Runs smooth on HTC Diamond
Sun-16-May at 2:05 am
peter brady wrote...
A siimple program, but fast attractive and very useful. I especially like the new qualifying table.
Sat-15-May at 2:15 am
shekhar wrote...
will it work on HTC Touch....i tried but it shows sum error.
Fri-14-May at 5:15 am
TvdB wrote...
The download stops at 70%, 14.05.2010 HTC HD2
Fri-14-May at 5:02 am
alexmine wrote...
Great app, works well on P3600 trinity. I ask one improvement: should be nice to have for each driver the full point status; actually there's only first 3 position count with pole and retires - see Massa's tab above. better if there's a table drivers/circuits, to have all situation at first sting.

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