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» Facebook App

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Brand new Facebook application for windows mobile phones

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Mar 16, 2009
Found under: Communication, Facebook, social, network, internet, client

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» Facebook App Description

This is a new Facebook application for windows mobile! As stated above it was ripped ROM the newest windows 6.5 Rom, but this WILL run on windows 6.1, 6.0 and even Windows Mobile Standard from preliminary testing. Tho our WM5 uses have stated that they have been unable to get this App to load. Currently it is at V0.14 so im guessing this is still an early beta program maybe even alpha version. But with that said it still looks and works great! Though it does have some issues. Currently this app has the following features.

5 Different Tabs

Home - Where you can view your News Feed, Status Updates, and Updated Photos
Profile - Where you can view yours and others Wall, Info, & Photos
Friend - Graphical/Text list of all your friends & what they are doing
Inbox - Here you can view your Inbox, Outbox, Notifications, and Requests
Phonebook - This is a really cool feature where you can call any of your friends that have there phone numbers linked to there FB Profile.

This App also as some other cool features, such as the ability to "Poke" friends as well as leave comments(a must) view picture albums, upload pictures/videos as well as the ability to update your own status. This app shows real promise considering it is only currently V.14, i personally cant wait for the updated versions that will hopefully come in updated roms being released every few days - a week.


Brand new Facebook application for windows mobile phones Brand new Facebook application for windows mobile phones Brand new Facebook application for windows mobile phones Brand new Facebook application for windows mobile phones

Video Preview of Facebook App

download French version
download Spanish version

the Facebook App free for Pocket PC

Made by: jug6ernaut

» Comments

Thu-18-Oct at 6:21 pm
weng wrote...
wtf not working.dont install waste of time
Sat-6-Oct at 7:31 pm
Sidney Inkk wrote...
this one really works fine on my hp ipaq, but looks too boring to me.
Tue-12-Jun at 1:38 am
Life9pac wrote...
i change my mind!! yeah! fuck! liar! .l.
Tue-12-Jun at 1:28 am
Life9pac wrote...
Sat-12-May at 10:54 pm
terence andrei duenas wrote...
hey is there uploading photos?
Tue-6-Dec at 9:57 pm
nilesh more wrote...
hi guys,dont install.
Fri-28-Oct at 5:31 pm
Jalil Ahmed wrote...
btw this comes with the htc hd2 anyway.
Fri-30-Sep at 11:52 pm
Shawn tilak wrote...
can you check in on this app?
Sun-8-May at 3:30 pm
nantia wrote...
Sat-30-Apr at 5:31 pm
Jon Homer wrote...
doesn't work don't install

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