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» FeedMe

Rating: 4/5
Summary: FeedMe is a lightweight and neat RSS/podcast/photostream client for Windows Mobile phones.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Mar 30, 2009
Found under: Misc, rss, feed, aggregator, news, podcast, photostream, reader

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» FeedMe Description
FeedMe is a lightweight and neat RSS/podcast/photostream client for Windows Mobile devices, both Professional (PocketPCs) and Standard (Smartphones).

FeedMe is not just a regular content subscription app, but also helps you to discover interesting content that you may not be aware of. FeedMe enables you to find interesting feeds (like our) on the Web and subscribe to them by using the Discover Feed option when reading an item allowing you to add feeds from external Websites and by using the Search feature. You can also subscribe to keywords.

Another brilliant feature of FeedMe is the ability to subscribe to Flickr and Zooomr photostreams and view them as a slide show.

Subscrbing to a photostream though is similar to a blog/podcast. You need to manually add the photostream URL as a feed, and voila!

An exhaustive feature list of FeedMe:

* Supports RSS, RDF, and Atom feed formats
* View feed content in full HTML fidelity with pictures
* Supports MP3/WMA podcasts (Also supports streaming WMA)
* Download Manager: Allows you to view the progress of current downloading podcasts
* Downloaded Podcast channel allows you to view all your downloaded podcasts easily
* Today folder, Watch folder (find content with certain keywords)
* Cache all the content for seamless reading experience
* Play all downloaded podcasts in a playlist in Downloaded Podcast channel
* Pick a feed from an OPML file (You can open the OPML file from local device or from a URL)
* Options to automatically download latest episodes of a podcast and purge old files
* Config file auto-save and auto-recovering

For more info please visit the developer web site

FeedMe- Subscriptions FeedMe- Menu

FeedMe- Post

the FeedMe free for Pocket PC

Made by: Joe Chiu

» Comments

Sun-3-Apr at 10:28 am
Holger TrankjAEr wrote...
I have no idea how this is supposed to work - or if it works atall. Very primotive and strange
Thu-11-Mar at 3:36 am
cocoche007 wrote...
Bof !
Thu-25-Feb at 12:36 pm
Red Herring wrote...
Awful. It doesn't let you paste anything from the clipboard, and that makes it completely useless.
Sat-20-Feb at 9:19 pm
Rik Prowse wrote...
toshiba tg01 "search results unavailable"
Thu-28-Jan at 9:36 am
Alban Lusitanae wrote...
Sorry, the RSS reader does not scroll the news cast and you have to open on the browser. No way.
Sat-2-Jan at 1:20 am
gopi wrote...
Hi, Excellent Application. If u can add a feature to scroll News in a Today Plugin it would be great. Similarly if u provide an option to link a web sites Stock Quote Live details which again needs to be scrolled on Today screen the way it happens in Nokia 6600 With these features ur application would be the best
Mon-9-Nov at 11:31 am
verakot wrote...
This app does not work in offline mode when the mobile device is connected to a PC via ActiveSync. I am looking for an app that work in offline mode. Help!
Wed-24-Jun at 12:41 pm
njastars wrote...
I downloaded this file originally from my pocket pc and the installation failed whether I tried the storage card or main memory. I was however able to install it using "CabViaActiveSync". If you have the same problem you might try searching for it.
Tue-31-Mar at 10:38 pm
rmathur70 wrote...
found it excellent, simple to use, works great on my imate wm5 pda.

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