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» FetchIt!

Rating: 4/5
Summary: The fast and easy way to get news, sports, entertainment, blogs and podcast on your Pocket PC.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Sep 23, 2008
Found under: Misc, rss, news, weather, podcast

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» FetchIt! Description
Why you'll love FetchIt!

1.Any RSS, ATOM or Podcast feed will work!

2. One Click For All Smartphones & Pocket PCs
That's right, it's the same executable for all square, VGA, thin and fat devices. No additional SDKs. It even looks and feels the same.

3. Elegant User Interface
Our patented SlickUI technology lets you flick between views. It's clean, effortless and beautifully animated.

4. Blazing Performance
Our super-threaded design lets you download feeds, listen to a podcast and read news all at the same time!

5. The Speed Reader
Give your eyes a break. The Speed Reader lets you read faster and improve comprehension!

6. AideRSS PostRank News Filtering
PostRank gets rid of all the junk in your news feeds. It makes reading news more fun and dramatically reduces bandwidth!

7. The Latest Worldwide Weather
FetchIt gives you up-to-the-minute 7 day forecasts straight from WeatherBug! Over 200 channel presets with stunning visuals and detailed information.

8. Channel Radar
FetchIt! will update your channels on-the-fly to ensure you are always looking at the stuff you want. It's really neat and saves you time.

9. The Ultimate Channel Guide
Download feeds from the Internet, import OPML files and organize your feeds in a way that makes sense.

10. Find It Fast
Our real-time search lets you see results as you tap.

11. Smart Sync
You can configure FetchIt! to download your stuff hourly, daily or when you cradle your device. It also includes an auto-update feature!

12. Smart Move
Shuffle data between your device and storage card without jumping through hoops.

13. Share What You Know
FetchIt! perfectly integrates with Pocket Outlook, contacts, Internet Explorer and online blogging services.

14. It's Cool! (And FREE!)
All of the little details in FetchIt! make using it so enjoyable. What are you waiting for?

The fast and easy way to get news, sports, entertainment, blogs and podcast on your Pocket PC.

the FetchIt! free for Pocket PC

Made by: nsctech

» Comments

Wed-14-Apr at 11:30 pm
Walter wrote...
This program is a waste of time. It doesnt work and not finger friendly at all. I couldnt uninstall it fast enough.
Mon-12-Apr at 12:48 pm
jack wrote...
tytn 2, wm6.1 choosing rss channel and download works fine. BUT NOT READEABLE.Cant open the feed, it just refreshs.
Wed-31-Dec at 2:23 am
Sachin wrote...
Its amazing n easy 2 use...but one suggestion can u pls add "Mumbai" 2 the weather list n can indian websites b also included.Thanks .
Fri-26-Dec at 3:27 am
manjul wrote...
Nica application....very usefull.Good Job
Wed-24-Dec at 4:31 pm
paul storer wrote...
brilliant program for my htc tytn2 and its free which in this day&age is rare4a program such as this, put this wth google world in conjunction wth built in GPS and u don't need nowt else... keep up the gud work Freeware.... paul....
Fri-24-Oct at 3:51 pm
Jerry wrote...
This does work and quite well I might add. There are tons of categories to choose from. Here are instructions to get it to work I'll use News as an example. 1.On the main screen select News & RSS 2. Goto to a category of your choice, expand it and check the ones you want. 3. Now click the forward arrow at the upper left hand corner 4. that should take you to a list of what you selected hightlight one and select refresh to start the download.
Thu-2-Oct at 11:06 pm
Dave wrote...
ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! easy to use, and easy to configure! i've never been much of an rss/podcast type of guy but i can see this changing that! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK GUYS:D ps. also looks quite stunning (very professional)
Sun-28-Sep at 11:14 am
geoqwerty wrote...
Does it work on any1's pda? I wonder who would rate it 3.5 if it doesn't work?
Wed-24-Sep at 10:49 pm
NursingGuy wrote...
Nice UI... that's all. I'm uninstalling after about multi hrs trying to get it to actually download anything. I'll wait for the version that actually works... and keep using BeyondPod instead.
Wed-24-Sep at 7:24 pm
Casey wrote...
Cool looking but not easy to figure out. Loaded and seems to work fine, but no idea how to get it to get the feeds.

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