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» FileBarricader 2007 Mobile

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: FileBarricader 2007 Mobile is primarily a file encryption utility.

Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0

Arrived: Jan 6, 2007
Found under: Security, dotNET apps

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» FileBarricader 2007 Mobile Description
FileBarricader 2007 Mobile is primarily a file encryption utility. In this day and age the protection of one's personal and sensitive files and information is one of the most important and often one of the most neglected aspects of using computers. Computers are used for just about everything today: online shopping, running businesses, surfing the net, communicating with friends and family and colleagues and so on and so forth. Imagine someone getting hold of your tax documents for the last couple of years. Or that comprehensive portfolio report you received from your broker. Or maybe all the salary information you keep for all your employees. Or that once in a lifetime business idea you came up with. You get the idea, don't you? Needless to say, the damage you could suffer from something like this is almost immeasurable! And this is where file encryption finds its place in modern day computing. File encryption is a fast, easy and secure way to protect your information. Some experts estimate the time it will take to break this protection at thousands of years and more. It is easy to see how a small investment in the right computer software can save you hundreds or thousands or even millions or more in losses! FileBarricader™ 2007 Mobile Features: - Easy to use, fast file encryption - Includes only the best encryption algorithm: Rijndael (AES) - Includes only the best encryption strength setting: 256 bit - Provides secure file deletion, making recovery of deleted files impossible.

the FileBarricader 2007 Mobile free for Pocket PC

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» Comments

Tue-6-Jan at 9:28 am
Bryce wrote...
Installed and works easily. Simple, reliable to this point. Would be nice to select multiple files.
Wed-2-Jan at 11:03 am
Bozqurd wrote...
Tue-18-Sep at 2:06 pm
John Jennery wrote...
I have not tried it yet
Wed-10-Jan at 2:21 am
Bksnr wrote...
Hi Fabio, You need just to download the file, unzip it on your storage card for example and then click on the .cab file for instalation. Best Regards
Tue-9-Jan at 4:31 am
Fabio wrote...
Sorry for my ignorance... I'd like to test FileBarricader on my PocketPc (with Windows Mobile 2003) but I don' know how to install it. Could you help me? Thanks. Fabio.

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