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» Fingathing V1.0 - Pocket Player QVGA Skin

Rating: 5/5
Summary: Fingathing - A finger friendly *Pocket Player* QVGA Skin by Holy Moly

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5, 6, 6.1 Pocket Player QVGA Resolution

Arrived: Oct 9, 2009
Found under: fingathing, skin, pocket player, qvga, holy moly, finger friendly,

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» Fingathing V1.0 - Pocket Player QVGA Skin Description

Fingathing - V1.0 is a fully finger friendly "Pocket Player" QVGA Skin created by Holy Moly.

More screen shots: More screen shots: Webplayer or Web Album

English Forum Support
German Forum Support

Features * Full finger friendly QVGA skin * Chose your favorite base color * Visuals * Album Art

[Buttons] * Playlist * Settings Menu * Song Rating * Equalizer Preset [prev / next] * Media Library * Browse Files * Repeat * Shuffle * Skip (back / next) * Play / Pause * Mute * Volume 100%

[Sliders] * Volume * Track

[Tag View] * Song (or filename if no tags) * Artist, Album, Genre (Multi) * Time * kbps * kHz

Installation Copy the following files to your Pocket Player installation folder to use my Fingathing skin.

Files for test usage: * Fingathing_HolyMoly.psz * default_album.jpg * small_album.jpg
Go to Pocket Player settings menu to set Fingathing skin: More... > Options... > Skins > Skin: Fingathing_HolyMoly.psz Note: After restart Pocket Player will load the default skin.

Files for default skin usage: * default.psz * default_album.jpg * small_album.jpg Go to Pocket Player settings menu to set Fingathing skin: More... > Options... > Skins > Skin: default.psz Note: To get Pocket Player default skin, delete default.psz and restart Pocket Player to force a regenerate of the original default skin.

To set a different base color for the Fingathing Skin you have to go to Go to Pocket Player settings menu More... > Options... > Skins > [x] Adjust Color > Set 'Hue' & 'Sat' to your favorite color.

Much fun

Holy Moly

the Fingathing V1.0 - Pocket Player QVGA Skin free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Thu-29-Apr at 7:23 pm
Carl wrote...
Best Pocket Player skin out there! Thanks!
Thu-7-Jan at 10:48 pm
GelJoA wrote...
This is so a beautiful skin. I love it.
Wed-2-Dec at 10:28 am
eddry wrote...
where to download the app?
Sat-24-Oct at 2:35 pm
Tim B wrote...
Developer should make it more clear that this is just a skin, not the app. I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't seen it in these comments. (And yes I now see it in the title. The title could have meant "this is the app, with a QVGA skin.")
Mon-12-Oct at 9:43 am
HolyMoly wrote...
This skin is QVGA only. So don't care, because it will look ugly when using other screen resolutions like your HTC Touch Pro has (VGA).
Mon-12-Oct at 1:50 am
miquel wrote...
i've tried a lot of wmp skins on mij touch pro. but i still don't now how to install skins
Fri-9-Oct at 10:30 am
TD2-User wrote...
This is a Skin, not the App. You can download the App on other site, search on google...
Thu-8-Oct at 5:57 pm
HolyMoly wrote...
What do you mean by you can't install? There is no installer for the Skin. Copy all files from the ZIP file to your Pocket Player installation folder! Or read the installation notes for testing mode only.
Wed-7-Oct at 11:48 pm
SAMIR wrote...
cant install in my htc touch viva WM6.1 mobile,any suggestion

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