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» FingerSuite

Rating: 5/5
Summary: FingerSuite replaces standard menu and message box for our windows mobile devices.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
Installation on device is mandatory

Arrived: Jul 2, 2009
Found under: Utilities, Enhancement, touch, finger friendly, menu, alert boxes

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» FingerSuite Description
Updated version 1.12rc8


To support the development !
FingerSuite replaces standard menu and message box for Windows Mobile devices. The resulting menus and alert boxes are much more attractive and also easier to use with your finger.

The improvements are already implemented in HTC's new TouchFlo3D 2, but will of course not come to our older device.

Installation on device is mandatory

Video Preview of FingerSuite


- Configure autostart, skins and applications with the new control panel applet.
- If fingermenu or fingermsgbox are visible, tap on left softkey to access service menu (see video demo below).
- Slide right to left anywhere to go to parent menu. Last slide minimizes fingermenu.

Tested only on QVGA devices, but it seems to work well also under WQVGA/VGA/WVGA emulated device.


- Support for WM 5.0.

Known bugs:

- Not working on WM 5.0.


- If you've just installed older version, I strongly recommend you to uninstall and SOFTRESET device before installing new version.
- Installation on device is mandatory (if you need more space, delete *_vga.png on QVGA device or *_qvga.png on VGA device from installation folder).

Update Description:

changes in v1.12rc8
- added exclusion list by windows class - title
- added min height
- added start splash screen
- fix freeze problem
- fix: sound is disabled from Sound & Notification settings applet.

- added scrollbar
- added exclusion list by windows class - title
- back softkey on submenus
- added start splash screen
- new feature: keep pressed then release SIP button to popup SIP menu
- fix render of ownerdraw menu (if ownerdraw menu can't be rendered, switch to standard menu)
- fix freeze problem

the FingerSuite free for Pocket PC

Made by: Francesco Carlucci

» Comments

Sat-9-Oct at 12:44 am
ziyard wrote...
lovely & thanx
Sat-18-Sep at 9:50 pm
kaif wrote...
its good
Wed-18-Aug at 7:57 pm
ACD_Bill wrote...
Wouldn't install on my HTC HD2.
Fri-2-Jul at 2:09 pm
grattitude wrote...
will b nice appln if it works on wm 5.0
Tue-11-May at 11:57 am
ahnjw wrote...
very nice app. but it need a lot of resources.
Fri-16-Apr at 11:15 am
htc is cool wrote...
this is such a cool app. love it. thanks. works perfect on touch diamond . deffinetly
Sun-7-Feb at 12:26 am
pankajgotam wrote...
how does it work
Sun-10-Jan at 6:55 pm
duah richard wrote...
it wasn't compatible with my windows mobile 5
Mon-2-Nov at 2:13 pm
david wrote...
very nice! cdma htc diamond (bell)- works well this one's an essential
Mon-14-Sep at 7:11 am
Moses James wrote...
What's the use of this?it doesn't work on my samsung i780,after i uninstall it is says that francarl fingersuite was not completely removed. Do you want to remove it from the list of installed programs? How can i successfully uninstall this program?

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