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» FlashKeys

Rating: 4/5
Summary: This is a small program made in Flash to emulate a fullscreen virtual keyboard.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC
Flash Player

Arrived: Jun 25, 2007
Found under: flash, keyboard, fullscreen, landscape

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» FlashKeys Description

This is a small program made in Flash to emulate a fullscreen virtual keyboard.
This keyboard is fullscreen and always seen in horizontal way (landscape).
It requires Flash 7 installed in your Pocket PC. If you don't have it yet, get it for free here:

This EXE has no install, just copy it to any place in your Pocket PC.

You can customize the:
- Text color
- Keypad Skins
- Background image
- Pre-made personal sentences
- English version

You have three screens with keys:
- Normal
- Capital letters
- Special characters

In all of them you can delete the last character, erase all the text or COPY, this last key has two effects:
- Places all the copied text in memory
- Closes the application

the FlashKeys free for Pocket PC

Made by: twolf

» Comments

Tue-20-Jan at 10:14 pm
hady2gnady wrote...
nice site! thank you
Tue-15-Apr at 10:19 pm
Chuck wrote...
Am I semi retarded or I just cant find this? Why doesnt any of these keyboards offer a 'period' button on the main screen without hitting a symbol button? Why no one has really done this yet is beyond me. It completely holds you up when you have to stop and hit a symbol key and go back once you find the period key... thats if you havent gotten confused by leaving the shift key on either.
Tue-10-Jul at 11:10 pm
Andrew wrote...
This product works great! It's on par with commercial PDA software keyboards, honestly. I've found that I have amazing accuracy with this. Good work!!! And thank you so much.
Tue-26-Jun at 2:16 am
ayub wrote...
about what
Mon-25-Jun at 8:03 pm
Casey wrote...
Interesting idea, I don't really need it on my Cingular 8125 as it has a slide out keyboard, but I tried it, anyway. Nice layout, but the far right-side of the keyboard is covered up by the Windows Start bar. :(

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