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» FlaxBOX

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Play 8 different sounds from phasers and machine guns to bombs and explosions.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
Flash 7

Arrived: Mar 24, 2009
Found under: fun, entertainment, sound, mp3, player

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» FlaxBOX Description

A blast from the past - The Executor 8-Sound Assault Keychain also sold as "The Echo Keyller 8-Sound Attack" keychain - Popular Sound Attack Keychain!

8 different sounds from phasers and machine guns to bombs and explosions! The good old sound effect keychains.

Now if you want something like that on your Windows Mobile phone, there is a way thanks to FlaxBOX by TWolf from xda-developers.

Anyone remember these...

To use:

- Place the EXE wherever you want.
- Make a shortcut for it with resco explorer or whatever.
- Choose one of the 8 areas of sounds.
- Play any of the 8 files in each area.
- Press left/right on your keypad to jump between areas or press up/down to go back to the main menu.
- You can also press the middle button to go back to the menu.
- X button or enter to exit.
- Needs Flash 7.

To customize:

- Place the txt and MP3 files in Storage Card empFlaxBOX.
- When you run the EXE for the first time it will create the folder by itself. (if these folders dont exist after you run it for the first time, search for a folder called FlaxBOX with a file explorer).
- The txt and the mp3 needs to be in the same folder as the swf that is extracted and run with the exe file.
- You have to edit the button names and mp3 filenames in the names.txt so that it has your own files and names.

Screenshots of FlaxBOX

Play 8 different sounds from phasers and machine guns to bombs and explosions. Play 8 different sounds from phasers and machine guns to bombs and explosions.

Video Preview of FlaxBOX

the FlaxBOX free for Pocket PC

Made by: twolf

» Comments

Thu-26-Mar at 5:50 am
Physic.dude wrote...
Read the Readme. you put the entire temp folder on the storage card so i should be \Storage Card\temp\FlaxBOX\. then place the exe anyware then run the exe.
Wed-25-Mar at 6:45 pm
Pavsta wrote...
mine says all undefined too how do u install it correctly?
Wed-25-Mar at 9:51 am
Terence wrote...
I can't seems to get it operational in HTC Touch Cruise. In All the coloured boxes, it states undefined. Any solutions to this? Thanks.
Tue-24-Mar at 3:58 pm
mike wrote...
this is nice. once i figured out how to install it properly, it worked great! i like that there's room to customize it. and the interface is pretty slick. is it fairly easy to write a flash app like this? are there other ways where a beginer can jump in without flash. Thanks!
Tue-24-Mar at 11:55 am
Exciter wrote...
wow! the farm best software masterpiece ever! you are going to be a millionair with this. but be sure, not from my wallet...
Tue-24-Mar at 10:53 am
Chad Smith wrote...
I, for one, think the world is a better place with fart machines and sound effect generators.
Tue-24-Mar at 4:42 am
GJK wrote...
You could do this with File Manager and the Back button. And to all those people out there making apps like this - give it up. You can't mirror the success of Android by writing endless fart machines and stupid sound effects generators.

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