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» Flip2Mute

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Flip2Mute can change your profile to Silent or Vibrate and TurnOff the screen when the phone is Faced Down.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6.5, WVGA Device, .NET CF 3.5

Arrived: Jun 4, 2010
Found under: flip2mute, gsensor, htc, wvga

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» Flip2Mute Description
Flip2Mute can change your profile to Silent or Vibrate and TurnOff the screen when the phone is Faced Down. It has a simple user interface and can be installed on WVGA HTC devices. (Tested on Blackstone - Energy.BLACKSTONE.23569.Sense2.5.MaxSense.UI.May.3 0)

Just Install the cab and soft reset.

Open Flip2Mute Config and Configure the application and then tap Exit.

the Flip2Mute free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Fri-13-Jan at 2:07 pm
mohaneva wrote...
Mon-31-Jan at 11:05 pm
Golagha11 wrote...
Strange, no developemnt on this app. ok for a start. HD2
Thu-21-Oct at 3:40 pm
Claus Johansen wrote...
Works perfect on my HD2 Been searching for this kind of app - THANKS A LOT
Mon-6-Sep at 5:44 pm
SKlimpel wrote...
love your program but would be nice if you could improve the mode vibrate with face up and silent face down because it unfortunately dont works at my hd2...but thanks a lot up to this stage !
Mon-16-Aug at 4:12 pm
sumeet wrote...
its already inbuilt function in hd2
Mon-26-Jul at 6:58 pm
joly wrote...
Sun-18-Jul at 9:00 am
_BS_ wrote...
I'm french, sorry for my English. For the HD2, also for me it does not work, I find the procedure works: 1 / HD2's menu / Parameters / Home / Elements / Check "HTC Sense" / OK / OK 2 / Install "" 3 / HD2's menu / Flip2Mute Config / Click on "Silent" and on "Vibrate" and on "Normal", uncheck "Vibrate" "Screen" "Enabled "/ Exit / Reboot 4 / HD2's menu / Flip2Mute Config / check "Vibrate" "Screen" "Enabled "/ Exit / Reboot And now work...
Thu-24-Jun at 8:08 am
niks wrote...
htc touch dimond2
Sat-12-Jun at 7:00 pm
Charles Drew wrote...
This program works great, but it's abit too robust. It keeps flipping the screen and/or sound on and off. It also seems to have another side draws the battery down pretty fast.
Tue-8-Jun at 7:00 pm
axatem wrote...
any solution for shirt pocket?

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