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» fluxion Profiles

Rating: 3/5
Summary: Just an imitation of the sound profiles found in phones, now on your Windows Mobile. (Valid till March)

.Net CF v3.5

Arrived: Mar 17, 2011
Found under: profile, tools, utilities

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» fluxion Profiles Description
•Adjusts to almost any screen aspect ratio [NEW]
•Better support for landscape and potrait mode [NEW]
•Shows active profile name
•Manage your sound profiles like you can do in any normal phone
•Personalise incoming call ringtone, SMS tone and ringtype too
•Name your sound profiles that describe them in the best way
•Extra light application that takes up least amount of space on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC
•Compatible with Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1 Phone Edition

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the fluxion Profiles free for Pocket PC

Made by: Team.Fluxion

» Comments

Sun-20-Mar at 9:25 am
Eduardo wrote...
well this app fudged up my fone(HD2). I can no longer change tha sound profiles using my fones 'setting' function. I hope a factory reset will fix tha problem(ugghh) if not...then goddamit...
Sun-20-Mar at 1:47 am
serra3000 wrote...
hope that wm returns to programm some apps...sry for my english im german
Thu-17-Mar at 5:20 pm
eyes wrote...
windows mobile is gonna make a huge comeback. F.. android and also apple shit.
Thu-17-Mar at 3:27 am
frenzy wrote...
doesn't work correctly on htc diamond. doesn't load profiles correctly and doesn't allow system sounds to be altered
Sat-19-Feb at 11:59 pm
kingkasi wrote...
windows mobile is already dead. apps so expensive it is ridiculous, junk apps , useless apps, slow platform, rarely updates, i say forget this shit.
Fri-18-Feb at 9:36 am
nazarudin wrote...
Aku tak cuba lagi benda ni,entah apa binatang benda ni tahhh...dasyattttt...
Wed-16-Feb at 3:58 am
saah wrote...
old not working
Fri-14-Jan at 8:48 am
Sati wrote...
windows mobile is dead, long live android
Thu-13-Jan at 10:52 pm
team.fluxion wrote...
@(dominick genova): Could you do me a favour please? Define a 'Virus'!
Thu-13-Jan at 5:16 pm
lee walsh wrote...
does not work on the htc hd2

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