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» foobar2000

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Summary: remote control over Web Service

Server requirements

- .NET framework V3.5
- foobar2000 V1.1.5 (or later) with these plugins
- foo_comserver2 V0.7
- foo_runcmd V1.1
- foo_playlist_attributes V0.3.0

Client requirements

- .NET compact framework 3.5
- HTC HD2 (or something very similar)
- optionally (required for rotation support) TouchLockPro 2.12.8 with GSensor enabled (

Arrived: Apr 8, 2011
Found under: Multimedia, remote control, stream

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» foobar2000 Description
After connecting my Hi-Fi system to my home server using an USB DA Converter (HRT Music Streamer II+) I needed a remote control solution for the foobar2000 music player that run on Windows Mobile (for my home automation system I use a bunch of HTC HD2 as remote terminals). Unfortunately, I did not found anything that I liked.

remote control over Web Service

As I had some spare time I decided to develop a solution myself building a web service server based on the foo_comserver2 foobar plugin and a Windows Mobile client that access the server over Wi-Fi.

They offer:

- basic playback control (play, stop, pause, next, previous)
- playlists listing and selecting
- selected playlist track listing
- media library access as a author/album/track tree
- media library search
- filling a playlist with albums or tracks from the media library

The client supports touch scrolling and (optionally) rotation.

As I developed them and they works at my home I post them here. Note that they are not commercial grade software (no installer, no configuration utility, the client is fairly dependent on HTC HD2 hardware) but

- the HTC HD2 is fairly common and the client might run on similar WVGA devices
- the server is more general and many tools can develop applications that interface to a web service
- full source code is included

the foobar2000 free for Pocket PC

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