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» G-Rotator

Rating: 4/5
Summary: G-Rotator is an application which uses G-Sensor to detect the orientation of the device to change the screen orientation respectively. Sensitivity of sensor and duration after which data from sensor has to be fetched is user-defined. Can be set to start on startup too.

.Net CF v3.5

Arrived: Mar 17, 2011
Found under: sensor, accelerometer, rotate, screen, orientation, utilities, tools

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» G-Rotator Description
•Better Error handling capability [NEW]
•Better UI [NEW]
•Bug fixed for start on startup [NEW]
•Can be started or stopped using UI
•No need to keep minimized
•Eats up negligible resources in the background
•Sensitivity can be changed
•Timer Interval for fetching of data from G-Sensor can be changed
•Rotates screen orientation according to the postion of the device
•Can be minimized to serve it's function everywhere
•Compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 and later with G-Sensor

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the G-Rotator free for Pocket PC

Made by: Team.Fluxion

» Comments

Wed-18-Jan at 10:29 pm
Andrew Kim wrote...
only works for htc devices, sucks.
Mon-2-Jan at 4:34 am
Jo Rilla wrote...
Works on my Samsung B7610 only with a bug: the screen is always upside-down!
Tue-25-Oct at 4:21 pm
juan spinos wrote...
great thanks
Fri-7-Oct at 7:13 am
ignatius wrote...
i use htc hd2 and i alrady try this app and its running very good‚must install net frame 3.5 first..but still have small bug
Thu-28-Jul at 5:59 am
erin kalkwarf wrote...
I have an HD2 and after installing this app, I had nothing but problems. The main problem was freezing the phone up and if it wasn't freezing up it was very slow! Ended up having to do a master reset to get rid of the application - obviously very upset about that!!!
Tue-26-Jul at 8:42 am
Kafele Prolifia wrote...
Htc hd2 Rotates everything but caused phone to freeze up offer. It would not uninstall completely-very irritating.
Mon-11-Jul at 2:48 am
Rapha wrote...
De verdad me parece de las mejores aplicaciones para rotar la pantalla del móvil de acuerdo a su orientación. En mi HTC Touch Pro2 va muy bien.
Fri-1-Jul at 6:18 pm
Ssaevyn James wrote...
hd2 withe new rom. i had the same prob w/ the installer when i uninstalled. i reinstalled, went to the app and unchecked "on startup". then uninstalled it. it might work on the old rom, but not on the third one. when i rotated the screen, all i got was a blank. this app needs some work.
Fri-1-Jul at 6:28 am
ignatius wrote...
it work on htc hd 2,u must have net framework 3.5
Wed-8-Jun at 11:46 am
Mino wrote...
no touch2

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