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» G-Sensor Calibration Tool

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Calibrate the g-sensor of your HTC Touch Diamond

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
HTC Touch Diamond/Pro
G-sensor (accelerometer)

Arrived: Sep 27, 2008
Found under: gsensor, diamond, tools, calibrate, settings, utilities, accelerometer

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» G-Sensor Calibration Tool Description
Calibrate the g-sensor of your HTC Touch Diamond

G-Sensor calibration tool, which is pre-installed in HTC Touch Pro, but was not available for HTC Touch Diamond.


* place the phone on the flat surface
* press the "calibrate" button
* save this calibration and thus save the state of what you mean by "flat surface"

the G-Sensor Calibration Tool free for Pocket PC

Made by: htc

» Comments

Tue-7-Sep at 7:33 pm
nabeel wrote...
when i go to the gsensor menu, it shows the message "place the phone on a flat table and press ok" then i put my mobile on a flat table and press ok. it shows done but nothing happened. what is this? guide me i am very confused thanks
Wed-21-Jul at 1:01 am
chris brewer wrote...
it comes with every htc phone dumb asses go through your phone
Sat-22-Aug at 2:10 am
hirou wrote...
i tried to use this software to calibrate my diamond. but i realized it didn't work on my diamond, after it is done with the calibrating the accelerometer on my diamond back to the status where it hasn't been calibrated. any help would be much appreciated. thx
Wed-6-May at 4:43 pm
mark wrote...
no file showing up after install on xv6900
Fri-10-Apr at 6:28 am
Viky wrote...
how it work on HTC Touch Viva. I installed but not working. Can u help me? Thanks.
Sun-5-Apr at 8:34 am
lutero wrote...
good very good blog
Mon-26-Jan at 2:55 pm
Jay wrote...
has anyone used this on a Touch HD?
Wed-22-Oct at 11:04 am
win wrote...
i try to omnia it not open
Tue-21-Oct at 9:27 pm
Watzone wrote...
Works great on Sprint Diamond. Install, power down, power up and it's there in settings/system.
Mon-20-Oct at 10:08 am
Brent wrote...
This may be common sense but a note when calibrating. How do you determine if your surface is perfectly level? One way to find out is calibrate and spin device 180 degrees. If still calibrated, you surface was level. If you are showing out after spinning 180 degrees you need to find a more level surface and try to calibrate again, repeat process. This tool is great and looks to be very sensitive but if you do not use it properly will be of no benefit.

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