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» G-Trigger

Rating: 5/5
Summary: G-Trigger - G-Sensor based shake detector application for Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6 , 6.1, 6.5 .NET CF 3

Arrived: May 17, 2010
Found under: utilities, enhancement, gsensor, control, applications, start, trigger, g-trigger, shake

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» G-Trigger Description
v0.9.2 Beta

G-Trigger is a G-Sensor based shake detector application. It allows to start an application on shaking your Touch Diamond in particular direction.

G-Trigger Screenshots

G-Trigger - G-Sensor based shake detector application for Windows Mobile G-Trigger - G-Sensor based shake detector application for Windows Mobile

G-Trigger - G-Sensor based shake detector application for Windows Mobile G-Trigger - G-Sensor based shake detector application for Windows Mobile

Currently supported shaking directions:

- Horizontally:
o Left to right.
o Right to left.
- Vertically:
o Top to bottom.
o Bottom to top.
- Front & Back:
o Front to back.
o Back to front.

It will trigger the specified action when phone is forcibly moved from left to right or moved as above mentioned directions.

Currently supported actions:

- Close/Minimize active window.
- Dial a number.
- Answer/Reject incoming call.
- Launch Program.
- Ringer Loud/Vibrate/Silent.
- Screen orientation.
- Send Keys.*
- Task Switch.
- Turn On/Off screen.
- WiFi/Bluetooth/Phone radio - On/Off/Toggle.
- Media Controls.**
- Volume Control.
- Simulate Power Button - Power Off/Power On/Long Press Power Button.
- Open control panel settings.
- Activate profile.
- Save Screenshot (BMP/JPG/PNG/GIF at predefined location).*
- Change Wallpaper (Today Screen, Manila Home & S2U2).*
- Show/Hide/Toggle On-Screen Keyboard (SIP).*

* Please refer to readme.txt for sending special keys.
** Currently supported media players are: Windows Media Player, S2P, Microfi Nitrogen, Core Player, TCPMP, Pocket Player, Pocket Music and Manila (TF3D) Music Tab.

You can now add exceptions too. G-TriggerService will be suspended till the program specified in exceptions list is active.

Known Facts

- OSD is displayed with some delay after event is occurred.
- Sometimes shake actions are not triggered when device is busy processing.
- Action Media Control "Stop" does not work for all players.
- Media controls for "Pocket Player" works till it's window is active or minimized (not working when in notification mode).

Further development:

- Display configured actions as OSD when device is lightly shaked.
- Add more actions like "Navigate Manila Page", "Open Quick Launch" etc on shaking.

It is developed for HTC Touch Diamond. I have not tested it on any other device. Let me know if you try it on other device.


Although running this application does not seem to make any damage, I take no responsibility for any kind of damage caused to the device or data due to this application.

Supported devices as per user reviews:

- HTC Touch Diamond.
- HTC Touch HD.
- HTC Touch Pro.
- Samsung Omnia (i900/i910).


- Transfer .cab file to any location in device.
- Run the .cab file and install application to device storage.
- Run the "G-Trigger" shortcut from programs.
- Click "New" button on "Action" tab.
- Enable the check boxes for the actions you want to activate.
- Assign any action by clicking "..." button on the right side of action text box.
- Click "Save" button on edit profile page, again click "Save" button on main page.
- Click "Start" button to start the service.
- Shake your phone and enjoy!

If you like this tool, please consider donate to the developer.

More info and screenshots here.

Update Description:

v0.9.1 beta (10-07-2009):
- Fixed: Null reference bug on fresh installation.

v0.9.0 beta (02-07-2009):
- Added: Actions:
o Save Screenshot (BMP/JPG/PNG/GIF at predefined location).
o Change Wallpaper (Today Screen, Manila Home & S2U2).
o Show/Hide/Toggle On-Screen Keyboard (SIP).
- Added: Added option to enable/disable debug logs.
- Added: Lower threshold value up to 5 for front-back actions.
- Added: Profile priority setting for auto-trigger profile option.
- Added: Included new samsung SDK for G-Sensor in setup.
- Fixed: Unable to detect screen is off on certain devices.
- Fixed: Auto Start Service on device boot up issue (introduced in 0.8.0). - Fixed: Few minor bugs.

v0.8.1 beta (15-06-2009):
- Fixed: Repeated debug logging like "There is something wrong with g-sensor! Lets refresh the sensor!".

v0.8.0 beta (14-06-2009):
- Added: Different actions for shaking device when FaceDown and shaking device when FaceUp.
- Added: New user interface for organizing profiles with ease.
- Added: Auto-trigger profile option "Manila music is playing".
- Added: Import/Export settings and/or profiles.
- Fixed: Samsung Omnia G-Sensor code to sort out issue of service crash after device is awake.
- Fixed: Auto-resize configuration utility dependent on resolution.
- Fixed: Faster editing of shake actions after opening edit profile once.
- Fixed: Modification to profile actions no more required to hit save button to make it active.
- Updated: Slight modification to shake algorithm to make front-back action more sensitive.
- Updated: new registry location ‘HKCUSoftwareKnepsG-Trigger’ (you will require to delete older location ‘HKCUSoftwareG-Trigger’ manually, I apologize for this).

the G-Trigger free for Pocket PC

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